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Try Our Sweets and Chocolate Quiz Today Stuck on what to do on the family Zoom call or the garden party with friends? Try our fun chocolate and sweet themed quiz. We've pulled together 30 questions and answers to help test your knowledge and challenge your friends and family. Some are easy and some are a bit more difficult, but anyone can join in!

The answers are underneath the list of questions (and don't peek otherwise you'll ruin the fun)!


1. What does the name M&M stand for?
2. Gummy Bears were invented in which country?
3. In what country were Bonbons first invented?
4. What was the first commercial chocolate product to be invented?
5. What is the flavour combination of a Barratt's 'Fruit Salad' sweet?
6. What were Snickers bars previously known as?
7. Milk chocolate was invented in which country?
8. How many segments in a Terry's Chocolate Orange?
9. Which confectionery first sold in the UK in 1937 is the "lighter way to enjoy chocolate"?
10. What was the original name for Starburst?
11. Which bar was advertised in 1936 with the slogan ‘Don’t be angry, have a bar of chocolate’?
12. In which decade were Cola Cubes invented?
13. What chocolate sweet used the slogan "Full of Eastern Promise" in the 1950s?
14. What sweet was invented in the 1950s by a manufacturer of communion wafers who faced a decline in demand for their product?
15. What four colours are Barratt's Flumps?
16. What colours are Aniseed Balls?
17. What type of chocolate coats Raspberry Ruffles?
18. In what year was the Cadbury Curly Wurly invented?
19. What were Bassett's Jelly Babies originally called when first launched in 1918?
20. What colours are Barratts Jelly Babies?
21. Rhubarb is most commonly paired with which other flavour in the confectionery world?
22. What colour is the text on the packaging for Parma Violets?
23. What colours are Swizzels Fizzers?
24. Fill in the blank: "A ____ of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat." from the Cadburys Fudge advert from 1979.
25. What flavour are Spogs/Jelly Buttons?
26. What flavours are Swizzel's Original Drumstick Lollies?
27. What is on the inside of a Cadbury's Crunchie bar?
28. Where was Fudge invented?
29. What is in the centre of Everton Mints?
30. What year, and where were Werther's Originals invented?

That's all the questions, I did say some of them would be hard! It's up to you on how you want to score points; for the questions with multiple answers, you can either do it as 1 point for them all (30 points in total) or 1 point each (45 points in total).

Scroll Down For The Answers

1. Mars and Murrie
2. Germany
3. France
4. Hot drinking chocolate
5. Strawberry and Pineapple
6. Marathon bars
7. Switzerland
8. 20 Segments
9. Maltesers
10. Opal Fruits
11. Aero
12. The 1940s
13. Fry's Turkish Delight
14. Flying Saucers
15. White, Pink, Yellow and Blue
16. Brown (we would also accept dark red)
17. Dark chocolate
18. 1970
19. Peace Babies
20. Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Green - 6 in total
21. Custard
22. Pink
23. White, Green, Orange, Purple
24. Finger
25. Aniseed
26. Raspberry and Milk
27. Honeycomb
28. Baltimore, Maryland
29. Toffee
30. 1909, and Werther, Germany

There you have it! I'm sure that you are much more clued up on confectionery facts to tell your friends and family now! What was your favourite question? Don't forget to let us know via our social media channels.

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