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Wrapped chewy sweets aka chew bars are some of our favourite types of sweets. Remember going to the sweetshop after school, buying a Wham Bar, and expectantly ripping open the blue space odyssey wrapper? Because in those days it wasn't just about the sweets inside the wrapper, it was about the gaudy, pop-art wrappers too. Other favourites of ours was the stripy orange and yellow Drumstick wrapper and the classic turquoise and yellow Refresher Chew wrapper (remember putting a whole Refresher into your mouth and always finding it was just a little bit too big for you?)

Chewy Soft Bars: A Sweet Hug in Every Bite

Indulge in the comforting embrace of chewy soft bars with our delightful assortment at A Quarter Of. Our collection is a chewy charade, offering a soft and sweet retreat from the daily hustle. From the classic nostalgic bars to the contemporary chewy creations, we've curated a comforting chewy haven for sweet souls. Let’s unwrap the soft, sweet serenade of our chewy soft bars!

Mini and Mighty: A Small Bite with a Big Delight

Revisit the sweet simplicity of yesteryears with our classic chews, a mini-mouthful of iconic chew:

  • Fruit Salad Sweets: Unravel a fruity fiesta with this chewy bar, a sweet salad of vibrant fruit flavours.
  • Black Jacks: Delve into the dark allure of aniseed with this classic chew, a bold bite of nostalgia.
  • Swizzels Mini Bars: A mini munch offering a mighty chewy charm, these mini bars are a sweet petite treat.
  • Drumstick Lollies: Unleash a rhythmic melody of flavours with these iconic lollies, offering a sweet duet of creamy milk and vibrant raspberry in a chewy melody, promising a luscious lolly legacy with every lick.

Fizzy and Fruity: A Tangy Tender Treat

Dive into the fizzy and fruity realm of chewy bars that promise a tangy tender treat with every chew:

Classic Chewy Charms: A Nostalgic Nibble

Discover the big delight in small bites with our mini chewy bars, a petite yet powerful punch of flavours:
- Iron Brew Chew Bar: Imbibe the iconic Iron Brew flavour in a chewy format, a soft, sweet gulp of Scottish essence.
- Highland Toffee: Embark on a sweet expedition to the Scottish Highlands with this traditional toffee, offering a rich, buttery flavour encased in a soft, chewy embrace, delivering a timeless toffee treasure with every tender bite.
- Drumstick Chew Bars: Drum up a chewy beat with these soft bars, a tender touch of sweet and milky melody.
- Wham Bars: Ignite a tangy tease with these fizzy chewy bars, a sweet spark of yesteryears.
- Barratts Nougat: A tender chew mingling with the nutty nuance of nougat, a soft, sweet sojourn.

Contemporary Chewy Creations: A Modern-day Munch

Embark on a modern-day munch with our contemporary chewy bars that offer a fresh, flavorful chewy chase:

  • Maoam Stripes: Stride into a stripe of chewy delight, a modern chew with a fruity flair.

Chewy Soft Bars: A Sweet Symphony of Softness

The chewy soft bars at A Quarter Of are more than just a sweet treat; they are a comforting companion in the hustle of life. The tender chew, the sweet embrace, and the soft solace offer a sweet escape to a chewy paradise. Explore our wide variety of chewy soft bars, and let the sweet, soft symphony play on!