Things that make you go hmmm (or ewww!)

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Things that make you go hmmm (or ewww!)

Did you get the 1990’s music reference in the title? See more here:

When I say hmmm I don’t mean it in a good way… these are things where manufacturers seemed hell-bent on spoiling really good things with rubbish options.

For instance… (and I was going to paste a picture here but clearly the manufacturers have now got the hint and the offending articles don’t exist anymore)…

Jam tarts – the ones you buy at the shops… (but which clearly I haven’t bought for ages!)…

Red one = Delicious

Yellow one = Delicious

But the green ones…

Why did they do that? Yes it made the packet look like a traffic light but…


They were always the ones you ate once the red and yellow ones had gone.

Sorry Mr Kipling but the green ones were anything but exceedingly good!

And what about Jelly Babies?

Would you ever choose the green one?

Now I love Jelly Babies to bits… so squidgy and chewy and moreish… but even I always get a slight sinking feeling when I get a green one.


Don’t you?

What about Milk Tray bars? Do you remember them?

How good were they?


A box of chocolates but in a bar…

Fudge… yum

Caramel… yum etc etc…

7 of the 8 flavours were delicious…

But Lime Cordial?

What is it about green sweet things?

Do manufacturers put them in to make us appreciate all of the other options even more?

Were they just sadistic?

Or did they never bother to actually ask people what they wanted?

I’m sure there must have been loads more things like this too… rubbish items in an otherwise tasty selection…

For me I would include the pink and blue aniseedy sweets in a bag of liquorice allsorts…

Not my cup of tea at all… but I understand that they are probably marmite sweets… some people hate them but others love them.

That’s fair. But green jam tarts? Just plain wrong.

Did anything make you feel the same? Do share in the comments below!

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