Kelloggs Rise and Shine

Kelloggs Rise and Shine
I'm sure I remember back in the 1970s we used to buy orange juice concentrate in a little can.  

You just added water and lo and behold you had "proper" orange juice.

Makes sense, doesn't it?  After all an awful lot of the orange juice you can buy today is "made from concentrate" so the 70s version was just you adding the water rather than the factory...

And thinking about it the 70s can would be greener since you'd need a fraction of the packaging because the can was pretty teeny...

I'm pretty sure it was frozen too... so I'm not sure why it needed to come in a can. 

Am I right about the frozen bit?

I think we bought it from our local Bejam (when home chest freezers were new and all the rage... and where anything at the bottom of the freezer was destined to be lost forever until the big defrost... when invariably it was thrown away because it was either far too old... or unrecognisable... or entombed in a snow/ice covering about 6 inches thick).

Or is that all just a figment of my over-fertile nostalgic imagination?

Do you remember the canned juice? 

And if you do, was it any good?  I think it must have been ok because I remember us buying it quite regularly.

So why did it disappear?

On paper it should be a product we're embracing now in these environmentally aware times...

I'm not sure the same can be said for the related product that I can remember... Kelloggs Rise and Shine... powdered orange juice!


Remember that?

The spiel was that it tasted as good as orange juice (hmmmm not sure about that!), gave you all the vitamin C and didn't contain any pips or pulp.

I have to confess that I don't remember much about the "Rise and Shine" experience.  

Or the competitor version from Birds, the custard people, called Apeel.
birds apeel

I wonder how long it took them to come up with that naming gem...

Ring any bells with you?

If it does, please share your memories here.

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