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Welcome to the vibrant world of Red Liquorice at, a delightful escape for those with a penchant for this tangy twist on a classic. Our selection embraces a variety of forms and flavours, each guaranteed to deliver a mouthwatering experience. From the playful charm of Cherry Wheels and Giant Strawberry Cables to the unique taste thrill of Giant Vimto Cables, our collection is an exploration in the delightful world of red liquorice.

If you're a fan of fruity twists, you'll love our Strawberry Flyers and Strawberry Pencils, both known for their burst of juicy strawberry taste entwined with the classic texture of liquorice. Our Red Liquorice range serves as a vibrant alternative to traditional black liquorice, offering a unique treat for those with adventurous palates. Thanks for choosing - where we bring a taste of nostalgia straight to your door. Enjoy your journey through our red liquorice collection!

If you love traditional liquorice then be sure to take a look at our Black Liquorice too!
black liquorice sweets

Alternatively you can see all your favourites in one place with our entire range of liquorice sweets.