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A fantastically delicious section crammed with creamy toffee in all shapes and sizes. Remember Bonbons? And Toffee Whirls? What about Curly Wurly? Did you know that the Curly Wurly came about as a research confectioner at the famous Bournville factory found ways of using up old bits of surplus toffee from other products? His name was David John Parfitt and we should be eternally grateful to him for giving us such a delicious old British classic. 

I don't know about you but whenever I think of toffee sweets my mind goes straight to the chewy toffees... it's only after a few seconds that I remember all of the delicious hard toffee sweets that you loved at your local childhood sweetshop.  You know where, back in the day, you neededtoffee sweets a hammer to break it up.

Whether it's the winning combination of hard toffee and peanuts of peanut brittle, the ultra crispy cinder toffee (which forms the centre of Cadbury's Crunchie but their version is nowhere near as good as our cinder toffee in my opinion)... or the rich, luxurious, deep creamy taste of bonfire toffee... hard toffee sweets definitely deserve their place in your little white sweetshop bag.

Toffee Sweets Facts
The English are well-known for their long love affair with sweets and there’s just no denying the fact. From bonbons, caramels, chocolates down to those unforgettable toffee sweets. Indeed. The UK is in love with sweets, toffee among all others. Who doesn’t love toffee anyways?
Toffee is a classic sweet treat that is popular not only in the United Kingdom but in other parts of the world as well - but what is toffee and why is it such a popular treat?

The History Of Toffee
Toffee is a classic sugar candy of English origin. It is typically made up of sugar or molasses and butter. Creating toffee requires boiling the ingredients to the hard crack stage or until such time when it is stiff enough to be pulled into a shape.
Toffee became popular during the 19th century. It was popularized in England since the country had an abundant supply of butter which is one of toffee’s main ingredients. Aside from its great taste, the abundance of cheap sugar due to Britain’s trade in the Carribean is what possibly made toffee so popular during this time.
However, the origin of the word “Toffee” still remains a mystery. Although some believe that it must have come from the word “tafia” of the West Indies which means rum distilled from molasses.

Toffee Variants

Toffee is a huge part of the confectionery industry nowadays. It is very popular all over the world and comes in different variations, one of which is the American toffee. American toffee is slightly different from the toffee that the British have come to know and love. It uses white granulated sugar and contains nuts. Oftentimes, it goes under the name “buttercrunch”. One of the most popular buttercrunch brands in the US is Almond Roca. Brown & Haley introduced it in Tacoma, WA in 1923.
Another variant is the Cinder toffee also known as honeycomb toffee, sponge toffee or hokey pokey in other countries. It is a sugary type of toffee that has a light, rigid and sponge-like texture. Made from brown sugar, corn syrup, baking soda and an acid like vinegar. Commercially, it is usually sold in small blocks or covered in chocolate. Crunchie Bar is the most popular cinder toffee in Canada and the United Kingdom.
Bonfire toffee is a hard and brittle toffee of another variation. Other parts of the world know it as treacle toffee, plot toffee or Tom Trot. Scotland calls it claggum while Wales know it as loshin du. It is a toffee that tastes strongly of black treacle. In the United Kingdom, bonfire toffee is associated with Halloween and Bonfire Night. Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on the 5th of November to mark Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up the English Parliament.
Toffee sweets took on a lot of forms. One of which includes the soft version called “toughy” or “tuffy”. Taffy is a confection with chewy texture and  is made up of butter, sugar and other flavorings.
Toffee sweets are distant cousins of caramel and butterscotch. They are quite similar to one another that people mistake them to be the same. Despite being made from melted sugar, the 3 contain different ingredients and are prepared differently.
Toffee, no matter what you call it, is always available in almost any variety. Say hello to specialty flavored toffees sweets that are oh so yummy! These sweet and nostalgic toffee sweets will surely make you want more.
Walkers Toffee and Toffee Bon Bons are definitely something that toffee lovers should try. Go ahead and fall head over heels with our finest selection of great tasting toffee sweets.