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Some of the best old school sweets classics were chocolatey...  Remember classic chocolate bars like  Curly Wurly, Caramac & Fingers of Fudge

Enjoy all 3... and loads more of the finest chocolate sweets here...

Chocolate Chronicles: A Cocoa-laced Journey

Step into a world where every corner is sweetened with the tender touch of chocolate. Our collection at A Quarter Of unfolds a chocolate-laced narrative, where each sweet is a character, each bite is an episode, and each flavour is a plot twist.

From the classic chocolate indulgences to the adventurous chocolate companions, our repertoire is a cocoa-coated carnival awaiting your sweet exploration. Let’s embark on a chocolate journey that’s as comforting as a warm cocoa hug!

Classic Companions: The Cocoa Custodians

Relish the rich, timeless affair between classic flavours and chocolate in this selection from A Quarter of sweets:

Fruity Affairs: A Sweet Symbiosis

Unveil the sweet symbiosis between fruit flavours and chocolate in these delightful dalliances:

  • Raspberry Ruffles: Dive into a raspberry reverie wrapped in a chocolate robe, a fruity fable with a cocoa climax.
  • Chocolate Limes: A citrus spark encased in a chocolate embrace, a sweet tale of contrasting companions.

Nutty Narratives & Fruity Flavours: A Crunchy Chronicle

Crack open the crunchy chronicle where fruit and nuts meet chocolate in a sweet, nutty narrative:

Creamy Confections: A Mellow Melody

Slide into a soft, sweet serenade with our creamy chocolate confections, a mellow melody of cocoa:

  • Caramac: A caramel croon wrapped in a chocolate chorus, a sweet serenade of mellow melody.
  • White Chocolate Fish Chips and White Mice: Unveil a creamy chapter in the chocolate tale with these white chocolate quirkily shaped treats, a soft, sweet murmur.

Novel Nibbles: A New-age Nosh

Indulge in the modern-day chocolate musings with these new-age nibbles, a fresh take on the chocolate tale:

  • Snowies and Jazzies: Jazz up the chocolate journey with these whimsical wonders, a playful plot twist in the cocoa chronicle.

Choco-mallow Charm: A Fluffy Fantasy

Float in a fluffy fantasy where marshmallow meets chocolate in a sweet, soft encounter:

Exotic Encounters: A Foreign Fable

Embark on an exotic expedition where chocolate unveils a foreign fable of sweet allure:

  • Sweet Tobacco: Uncover an exotic tale spun with sweet strands of chocolate, an overseas odyssey of cocoa charm.
  • Frys Turkish Delight: full of Eastern promise, just as it always was.

Chocolate: A Sweet Solace in a Candy Cosmos

Chocolate is more than a sweet treat; it's a comforting companion in the confectionery cosmos, a sweet solace in a world of flavours. Whether it's the classic cocoa charm or the modern chocolate musings, the chocolate chronicles continue to unfold sweet, comforting tales. Discover the chocolate treasury at A Quarter Of, and let the cocoa-laced journey continue!