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Everyone loves retro sweets... and they don't half bring back happy childhood memories... jumpers for goalposts, hopscotch and kiss chase in the playground...

Step 1 - Pick Your Gifts

Personalised Sweets
For a selection of different sweets then pick one of our selection boxes or jars.
Personalised Sweet Jars

And if you know someone who's absolutely addicted to a particular sweet, make their year by choosing an authentic sweetshop jar crammed full of their favourites.

Step 2 - Add Your Special Message

Think that's going to be tough?  Think again... it really couldn't be easier (or quicker).  Watch the video to see how we create a stunning label, complete with a photo, in less than 60 seconds!

Personalised Gifts

Finding the right personalised gift can be a minefield! Birthday? Wedding? Thank you? One thing you can never go wrong with is personalised sweets! Not only do we have all the sweets you could ever need, but with our personalised sweet jars, you can personalise your gift for that special someone. Add with your favourite photograph or add a personal message to make the ultimate personalised sweet gift.

Our personalised sweet jars are guaranteed to make your special someone feel the love so if they've got a sweet tooth and they deserve a gift then you've come to the right place.

Personalised Box of Retro Sweets

Every inch of our personalised sweet gift box is stuffed with quality retro sweets. From Sherbet Fountains, Wham Bars and not to mention the top tier Curly Wurly, we don’t know what more anyone could want from a gift if they've got a sweet tooth.

Looking for that extra special personalised gift? Our gift box of retro sweets comes ready in a high-quality box that is so glamourous that it doesn't even need wrapping. Plus, of course, there is the option to make it that bit more personal. From bespoke messages to your favourite photos you can personalise your box in under 60 seconds to add that extra special touch. Our personalised photo gift box of sweets really does show you care.

Easily one of our most popular gift options it thinks of everything for you so no gift stress is needed!

Foot of Sweets

Sorry, what? Yes, that’s right – a FOOT of sweets…throw-in free personalisation and how is this not the best gift ever? A FOOT! Of your loved one’s FAVOURITE SWEETS! This will keep you in their good books for a long-time. There are so many sweets this is the gift that keeps on giving.

Much like our personalised bumper box of sweets, you can personalise these with messages to suit any occasion. These are available in a wide range of options including flying saucers, Swizzles classics, liquorice, penny mix and more! So (subtly) find out your friends or family members' favourite sweets and send them a personalised sweet jar full of their favourite sweets.

Retro Themed Boxes

“They don’t make them like they used to” – well actually, we do! 

Whether they were born in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s or ’80s. Not only can you personalise your sweet box with a message or photo, but you can also give them a huge dose of nostalgia by packing your sweet gift full of their favourite retro sweets. These sweet gift boxes are a fantastic reminder of days gone by and a great way to relive wonderful personal memories.

Personalised Sweet Jars
If you want something personal and classy, why not personalise one of our amazing sweet gift jars? Fill them with your loved one’s favourite sweets and then make it special! The best thing about our jars is that they can be used again and again. If you’ve been smart and used our personalising features then this will be the gift that keeps on giving as a reminder of your special gesture long after the sweets have been eaten.

Personalised Sweet Buckets

Why show a bit of love when you can show a whole bucketful? With our personalised buckets of sweets, you can show your loved ones just how much you care! Special moments be captured on the bucket lid by adding a personalised photo in under a minute. Even better than that, they’ll have their favourite sweets inside to keep them satisfied. Normally our sweets are so tasty that they don't last for long, but our personalised sweet buckets are filled to the brim with sweets whether you choose our licqourice sweet bucket,jelly bean sweet bucket, or our favourite, the penny sweet bucket.

So don’t spend any more time agonising over the perfect gift – let us do the hard work and make your gift that extra bit special. Whether you want to give them a huge selection of sweets and chocolates, penny sweets or retro sweets we have the perfect personalised sweet gift for you.

So choose your gift filled with their favourite sweets. Send us a picture, choose your message, or simply add their name, and we’ll do the rest!