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Dive into our playful assortment of cherry sweets, where each sweet is a burst of fruity fun waiting to happen on your tongue! Our range is hand-picked to ensure a sweet adventure in every bag, perfect for treating yourself or spreading joy on special occasions. Explore the vibrant taste and exceptional quality of our cherry sweets, and elevate your candy journey with our crowd-pleasing favourites.

Few things in life are more delicious than a wide array of cherry sweets! It is always amazing how whenever there is a bag of sweets around, the cherry options are the first ones to go. Just the mere sight of a Cherry Tangfastic or Cherry Lips can tantalise your tastebuds, but why do we love cheery sweets so much? 

Here are a few of our favourite ever cherry sweets:

The humble cherry bonbon, a firm favourite for over 400 years! Having originated in France, bonbons started life as small chocolate fancies with a tasty fondant filling, this is where the word “bonbon” comes from – the French for “good”. They certainly live up to their name! Today we have a different take, but still definitely delicious: small chewy, cherry delights coated with a thick layer of sugary dusting. A firm favourite to be found in any traditional sweet shop across Britain, our Cherry bonbons will please family members across the generations! 

Going out? If only your lipstick could look as good as the epic sweets that are cherry lips sweets! Real retro treats and so much fun no matter your age, cherry lips are an absolute must of any pick ‘n’ mix, if they’re missing then you are missing out! 

Here’s a question: when it comes to Haribo cherries…do you take them straight…or sour? Surely there’s one thing everyone can agree on, either way, they’re delicious! And few people make cherry sweets, sour or sweet, better than Haribo! The famous sweet company that started making gummy bears now delights us with all kinds of offerings but few are as satisfying as their cherry sweets. Whether you are looking for a Haribo sour cherry or the sweeter Haribo happy cherries - we have them both!

Speaking of cherry treats, don’t forget that Cola can come in many flavours, and of course one of those is cherry! Few treats can be that sugary and still taste delicious but Fizzy Cherry Cola bottles are without a doubt the best!

And who can forget cherry popping candy? An absolute staple of the 80s, if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying Fizz Whizz or Tango Popping Candy – what are you waiting for? It’s like the hottest disco in town right there in your mouth, what more could you want from your sweets? Of course, these don’t just come in cherry, but it’s usually the firm favourite.

Not to forget the traditional Cherry Drops, hard-boiled sweets just like Grandma used to buy! Did you know that the traditional boiled sweet was a staple must for soldiers and troops in the British Army? Because of the high concentration of sugar, they were told to keep a few in their pockets at all times just in case they found themselves in need of a pick me up. A traditional treasure waiting to be stuffed in your pockets!

Finally, we can’t forget the wheely delightful Cherry Wheels! Not a fan of traditional liquorice? Well here’s a compromise: make it cherry flavoured! Even better, if you want more – just unwind! A true delight for any age, the Cherry Wheel is a fantastic addition to any sweet collection.

Cherry sweets are a constant source of delight for people of all ages, perfect for keeping your cupboards stocked or a gift for loved ones. At, we have a wide range of your favourites, so if you are looking for cherry sweets then there's a great chance we'll have what you are looking for!