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The 1970s and 1980s were indeed a golden era for confectionery in the UK, a time when a visit to the sweet shop was nothing short of an adventure. Amidst a treasure trove of confections, there existed a chewy marvel known as the Texan bar. Its unique taste and texture made it a staple for sweet lovers, embedding itself in the delightful childhood memories of many. As we travel back in time, the story of Texan bars unfolds, revealing a sweet narrative that is as chewy and rich as the bar itself. The Birth of a Chewy Legend Launched in 1973 by Rowntree Mackintosh, the Texan bar was more th..
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The Cabana bar, a cherished name in the annals of British confectionery, emerged as a sweet sensation that captured many hearts during its time on the candy shelves. Manufactured by the renowned Rowntree's, this iconic chocolate bar was a delightful concoction that promised a tropical escape with every bite. With a unique blend of coconut, caramel, and cherries enrobed in milk chocolate, Cabana bars were not just a sweet treat but an experience that transported you to a sweet tropical paradise. Historical Journey The sweet saga of Cabana bars began in the 1980s, marking a vibrant chapter..
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The Banjo chocolate bar evokes a rich nostalgia among confectionery enthusiasts in the UK. With its unique flavour and memorable packaging, Banjo was not merely a chocolate bar but a sweet journey down the memory lane for many. Its journey through the confectionery landscape of the UK is an intriguing tale of sweet delights, which saw its inception, discontinuation, and a fervent reintroduction, marking its indelible imprint on the taste buds and hearts of many. The Initial Banjo Era Banjo first made its appearance in the Greater London area, delighting the palates of many with its disti..
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Once a shining star in the UK's confectionery sky, Aztec bars embarked on a sweet journey that left a lasting impression on many taste buds. Launched in 1967 by the renowned manufacturer, Cadbury, Aztec bars entered the chocolate bar arena with a promise of a unique taste. Drawing parallels with the famed Mars Bar but with a distinct identity, Aztec bars quickly found a place in the hearts of chocolate aficionados. As we unwrap the story of Aztec bars, we delve into a narrative rich with sweet endeavours, competitive spirits, and a nostalgic legacy that continues to linger. The Tale Behi..
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Introduction Delve into the sweet history of the UK, and you'll stumble upon a sugary gem known as Spangles. These delightful boiled sweets, crafted by Mars Ltd, painted the taste buds of Britons with a myriad of flavours from 1950 to the early 1980s. A reminiscence of simpler times, Spangles were not just a sweet treat but a nostalgic voyage to an era gone by. As we unwrap the story of Spangles, we venture into a sweet narrative intertwined with the cultural tapestry of post-war Britain. The Sweet Beginnings The tale of Spangles began in 1948, at a time when the wounds of the S..
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Introduction Toffo was a cherished brand of toffee sweets that found a sweet spot in the hearts of many in the UK. Its unique, not-too-hard-not-too-soft texture and an array of flavours made it a beloved choice among sweets enthusiasts. Originating under the aegis of Mackintosh's confectionery empire, Toffo's journey is an intriguing saga of sweet success, rebranding, and an eventual, much-lamented disappearance from the market. The Origin of Toffo The sweet tale of Toffo began with the venture of John Mackintosh and his opening of a sweet shop in Halifax, Yorkshire, in 1890. The ince..
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The History of Cola and Cola Sweets Cola is a carbonated soft drink flavoured with vanilla, cinnamon, citrus oils, and other flavourings. It became popular worldwide after the American pharmacist John Stith Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886. The original Coca-Cola contained caffeine from the kola nut, which inspired the drink's name. Cola sweets, such as Cola Bottles, are shaped after the classic Coca-Cola style bottles and have a delicious cola flavour. These gummies are typically found in pick and mix selections and are well-known thanks to their Coca-Cola relation and flavour. ..
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Background: What is Sherbet and Its History Sherbet is a sweet, fizzy powder that is both sweet and tart at the same time. It originated in the 1800s when chemists in Europe discovered the reaction of carbonate and acid. Sherbet was initially used to make a fizzy drink before carbonated drinks became common, after which it became a popular sweet. The word "sherbet" comes from the Arabic word "sharba," which means "a drink". In the United Kingdom, sherbet is also known as "kali" or "keli" Top 10 Most Popular Sherbet Sweets from A Quarter Of Sherbet Fountains: These iconic sweet..
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Caramac - The Definitive Guide
Caramac bars are a classic confectionery treat known for their smooth, sweet, and creamy caramel flavour. While Caramac bars are often associated with chocolate, they are not chocolate-based - they do not contain cocoa, making them distinctly different from traditional chocolate bars. The Caramac bar is a nostalgic British candy that has been satisfying sweet tooths since its introduction in 1959. Produced by confectionery company Mackintosh's, the caramel-flavoured treat gets its catchy portmanteau name from "caramel" and "Mackintosh." Over the decades, the distinctive gold-wrapped..
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Flying Saucer Sweets - The Definitive Guide
Everything you ever wanted to know about Flying Saucers... with a few surprising facts thrown in too!
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