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The Legend Called William Shatner
Do you remember tribbles?  Or this song from 1987 that was number 1 for two weeks?
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The World's Worst Toilet Paper
There's one item from my childhood that stands head and shoulders above all others as being completely and horribly unfit for purpose.
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Bet You'd Forgotten This From Your Childhood... But What Is It?
What's brown and not very sticky?
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It Never Stopped!
Bird goes up, bird goes down, bird goes up, bird goes down...
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Saturday Morning TV
How many Saturday morning tv programmes can you remember from over the years?

Here's a load of them to rekindle some memories.  How many can you remember?
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Money For Old Returnable Bottles!
It's Frothy Man!
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Back To School Memories
Memories of going back to school after the long summer hols...
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Toys In Cereal Boxes
Remember buying cereal just for the fab toy inside the box?
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Watching Television At School
​Do you remember this from when we used to watch television programmes at school?
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A Tribute To Sir Clive
Was he really married to a former lap dancer?
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Dynamo Bike Lamps
A pedal down childhood bikes memory lane!
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Kelloggs Rise and Shine
Remember this from the 1970s?

It's orange juice... but not as we know it! 
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World Chocolate Day
Celebrating the introduction of this delicious sweet to Europe in 1550 and the perfect excuse to enjoy some of one of the world’s favourite sweet treat (as if we needed any extra encouragement). So grab your favourite chocolate treat on July 7th celebrate the anniversary of one of the most successful sweets of all time. THE ORIGINS OF CHOCOLATE Chocolate was created as a drink in what was known as Mesoamerica which now homes countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Northern Costa Rica. Chocolate in any form was unheard of until the 16th Century in Europe. Can you imagine..
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We all love a picnic outside with the family or a loved one, sat outside in the glorious sun (if you are lucky) with a nice sandwich or cake. But as sweet lovers, we believe that any picnic should also include a variety of sweet treats to make it truly unique. To celebrate National Picnic month we wanted to share our top sweets to make the perfect picnic. Where did picnics start? Picnics are a staple of any British summertime. As soon as the sun comes out our minds drift to think of eating outside with a refreshing drink to enjoy the weather. The earliest picnics are dated back to medi..
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What sweets should I put in a party bag? A question that can plague party planning parents who don’t know where to start…well we're here to help. Traditionally, the best party bags include a slice of cake and even some small toys. But in our opinion, if you want your party bags to be the gift that keeps on giving then you HAVE to include sweets! We think that the best party bag sweets are the ones that are the most fun to eat! Think bright colours, exciting textures and delicious taste to make your party bags pop! If we remember the sweets that made our childhood, we can't help but t..
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Woolworths Pick n Mix
What as the best thing about the now defunct Woolies?

No... not the Christmas adverts featuring Kenny Everett... though we do like those!

3 little words... Pick... and... mix... 

One for the bag... one for me... one for the bag... two for me! Chomp, comp...
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Try Our Sweets and Chocolate Quiz Today
How much do you know about your favourite treats?  Can you beat your family & friends?  FInd out in our fab "Sweets and Chocolate" Quiz!
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How did Swizzels become a staple brand for retro sweets?
Discover the fascinating story of one of the UK's favourite sweet brands...
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Personalised Pick and Mix Gifts
Make your gift extra special by personalising it... It's so easy and you can even upload your own photo at
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Wedding Pick and Mix - Hints and tips from
Looking to add a sweet touch to your wedding?  Well, look no further than wedding pick and mix. Whether it's handing out small bags of pick and mix as wedding favours, or having a whole sweet stand at your wedding - penny sweets and pick and mix are guaranteed to go down a treat with guests of all ages! 
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If you are looking for some delicious vegan options to top up your sweet cupboard, we have endless options for you! Multiple iconic tuck shop staples are surprisingly vegan so take your pick (and mix!). Many people incorrectly assume that many sweets aren't vegan and stick to the sad flavourless jellies that you'd buy from the free-from aisle in a supermarket. We're going to show you all the best vegan pick and mix sweets, so you have all the flavour and variety you would ever want!   Check out the grouping below for the variety of vegan pick and mix sweets we have to offer. These are p..
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Do you have dietary requirements or are just cutting down on gluten whilst still enjoying your favourite sweets? Fear not - we have you covered for all your gluten-free pick and mix needs! Most classic retro sweets are fabulously free in the gluten department so you can enjoy a sugar boost too!   We love gluten-free pick and mix, we have a huge selection at We love them so much that we've listed our top ten gluten-free pick and mix sweets:   BLACKBERRY AND RASPBERRY DOMES  The perfect combination of Blackberry and Raspberry - it tastes like an English summ..
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Indulge yourself with a huge chunk of fudge in your pick and mix - life's too short not to! We have a good selection of fudge sweets which you can add to your sweet stash for a little sugar boost.   THE HISTORY OF FUDGE Many people mistakenly believe that fudge was invented in Britain, however, it was originally invented in the accident! It is believed that the first batch of fudge was created in Baltimore, Maryland due to someone 'Fudging' a batch of French Caramels!   Fudge soon became the latest craze and was very popular in American tourist spots for people to b..
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Chocolate is without a doubt, one of the most favoured sweet treats across all generations. If you're feeling indecisive, chocolate pick and mix sweets are the foolproof options! From Chocolate Brazils to Chocolate Limes, there is something for all chocolate lovers in a bag of pick and mix! Whether you prefer simple plain chocolate with no extra frills or something fancy such as Raspberry Ruffles - we've got you covered with our chocolate pick and mix favourites.   THE HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE PICK AND MIX Chocolate has been a part of pick and mix sweet history since the early 1900s w..
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We're often asked if we sell pick and mix sweets in bulk. Well of course we do! Whether it is a children's party, a wedding, or another large event - everyone likes pick and mix sweets!  Our products are available in a variety of sizes; from 250g individual bags to large bags of up to 3kg - now that's pick and mix in bulk. with our bulk pick and mix options, it's easy to make sure there is enough for everyone!   Here are our most popular pick and mix sweets to buy in bulk:   FIZZY BUBBLEGUM BOTTLES (Available in 3kg bags) One of the nation's favourite pick and mix s..
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Feeling like cutting down on the number of animal products you're eating or have special dietary requirements?

We've got you and your sweet cravings covered!
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Traditional English Sweets, our top 10
Which sweets make our top 10 list?
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Between January and Easter each year, there is one gooey, chocolatey classic sweet which outsells every other at this time of year. We are, of course, talking about the Cadbury Crème Egg. Whilst we love a Crème Egg on its own, they’re also super versatile and can be used in many bakes including rocky road and trifles. Our favourite though is the classic Cadbury Crème Egg Brownie and we’ve added the recipe below for you to enjoy! Our Crème Egg Brownie recipe makes the Crème Egg even more chocolatey, what’s not to love? If you want to make your own Crème Egg Brownies, then give our recipe ..
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We love sweets. There, we said it. But many of our yummiest treats are not only great to enjoy on their own but are also fabulous to bake with. One of our favourite recipes to knock-up in the kitchen is our Haribo cupcakes (or Haribo buns if you prefer). Our Haribo cupcakes are a classic vanilla cupcake topped with creamy, colourful icing and finally, decorated with your favourite Haribo sweets. Why not try different combinations from cola bottles, gummy bears, or even add the ‘cherry on top’ with the classic Haribo cherry sweet. Whether you are baking for a special occasion such as a bi..
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Celebrate St Patricks Day with our favourite green sweets
Go Green for St Patrick’s Day with our favourite Green Sweets   Usually, when people talk about going green they’re referring to reducing their carbon footprint. We’re all for that, which is why we’ve put together some info on how bulk buying sweets for parties and events is more environmentally friendly compared to individual orders. However, in this instance, we’re being very literal, as St Patrick’s Day is all about the colour green and our favourite green (or Irish) sweets …   The Emerald Isle Ireland has been associated with green for a long time, to the extent th..
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The Summer Ice-Lolly-days Are Here!

Loads of memories of the most nostalgia-inducing ice lollies from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Which was your favourite?

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What's In Your Pocket?

Back in the 70’s there was a British toy company called Palitoy.

Ring any bells? They made my sister’s favourite doll at the time Penny Puppywalker

But they also made Pocketeers... remember them?

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