Traditional Hard Boiled Sweets

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Traditional Hard Boiled SweetsBoiled Sweets are a familiar friend to any real sweet lover and a staple of any good sweet shop. So, guess what? We have got a HUGE selection of traditional boiled sweets here at 

Whether you are looking for fizzy boiled sweets with a sugary outside. Those with a chewy centre. Or simply traditional boiled sweets with a sherbet surprise, such as our favourite Sherbet Lemons, then you've come to the right place.

We love a retro sweet here at and there aren't many sweets that are more retro than boiled sweets, with their history going all the way back to 1450! 

The colours... the smell... and best of all... the taste!  

Is your mouth watering yet?  Enjoy our selection of boiled sweets...

Boiled Sweets started life with Aniseed balls that were traditionally used medicinally to cure indigestion, imagine being given sweets to cure an illness! Fast forward to today, and we have all your favourite boiled sweets, from Acid Drops to Yorkshire Mixture and everything in between!

Acid Drops
First appearing in the 19th Century, these mouth-watering boiled sweets are ones for any sour loving fans out there! These will certainly wake up your senses and blow the cobwebs away with a sharp, burst of refreshing flavour. Wanting to surprise your friends? Offer them an Acid Drop sweet. Certainly an experience they won’t forget.

Bonfire Toffee
Whilst some toffee sweets are soft and chewy, Bonfire Toffee is hard and brittle, you'll certainly need to suck and not chew if you want to keep your teeth. In our book that makes it a boiled sweet, and what a fabulous boiled sweet. As its name would suggest, this particular Boiled Sweet is often eaten especially on Bonfire night, that's the 5th of November if you aren't sure. I'm sure we can all remember sucking on a piece of Bonfire Toffee whilst standing in front of a huge bonfire, trying to keep warm and enjoying the fireworks! But, whilst this boiled sweet is associated with cold, winter nights, we love it all year round. Whilst Bonfire Toffee can be one boiled sweet that's hard to find at certain times of the year, we sell it all the time meaning you can get your fix whenever you like! 

There are few boiled sweets as practical as the humble mint, but with the Buttermint you don’t just get the benefit of totally fresh, lovely breath, but a delicious creamy treat as well! There are some mints that are so powerful they could blow your sock off but not with these boiled sweets. The Buttermints, minty flavour is subtle and complimentary to the gorgeous Devonshire creamy taste. Best of all our Buttermints from Stockleys are the best Buttermints we’ve ever tasted, rightly earning them a place on our top traditional boiled sweets list!

Chocolate Limes
Who thought that Chocolate and Lime would come together and make a favourite boiled sweet? What an odd combination, so wrong but so right at the same time. Chocolate Limes are absolutely delicious and one of the most unusual boiled sweets out there. Having been invented in the first half of the 20th Century these are one of the most traditional boiled sweets that can be found today. With a zingy, crunchy, hard-boiled lime exterior and a chocolate surprise inside, the question is can you suck them all the way to the middle, or can you not resist crunching your way through this classic boiled sweet?

Cola Cubes
Cola Cubes are the ultimate boiled sweet. One of our all-time favourite sweets and a bestseller at AQuarterOf. I'm sure we all remember stuffing these into our bag of pick and mix as children and crunching away on simply one of the best boiled sweets there is. The perfect Cola taste in a hard-boiled cube, what's not to love?

We've tasted a lot of Cola Cubes and we think ours are the best we've ever tasted and we're sure you'll love them too. If you are looking for traditional boiled sweets then Cola Cubes are a must-have, plus they're a great throwback to your childhood as a traditional retro sweet.

Everton Mints
One half of Liverpool’s football history, Everton football club has long been associated with sweets which is why they're nicknamed The Toffees due to two big sweetshops being based close to the club. One of these sweetshops in Liverpool invented these now-classic sweets to reflect the Everton strip of the time. Back then Everton played (believe it or not) in black and white, rather than the famous blue of today. This gave the sweet its distinctive black and white stripes and the Everton Mint was born. Despite being invented many years ago, the Everton Mint remains one of the most popular boiled sweets out there and not just for football fans!

Fox’s Glacier Mints
Dating back to 1880, Fox’s were already a successful confectionery business by the time the Glacier Mint was invented during the First World War. This classic was the first time a transparent peppermint sweet had been produced and they became the leading boiled sweet for the company. At AQuarterOf, we don’t just have the minty variety, but also the fruity ones too so something for everyone who is looking for a boiled sweet treat!

Pear Drops
This British Classic is one of my favourite boiled sweets ever with its fun mix of pink and yellow, droplet-shaped, boiled sweets. These are some of the most famous sweets in the world, and also one of the tastiest! 

The largest pear drop in the world is housed with our friends Stockleys Sweets in Lancashire, and this could potentially be one of the largest boiled sweets in the world as well, what a claim! The wonderful thing about the boiled sweet is the fact that they demand to be eaten slowly which means you can savour the amazing flavour of a Pear Drop that little bit longer.

Sherbet Fruits
Boiled sweets with a fizzy surprise in the centre, what’s not to love? Sherbet fruits are a taste explosion, especially if you can resist the crunch and let the sherbet filter through onto your tongue. These boiled sweets are truly mouth-watering and perfect for sharing as they’re individually wrapped.

Boiled Sweet Gift Jars
We also stock boiled sweets in a variety of options for the ultimate gift. Boiled sweets make a great present as they last longer than most other sweets even if you are munching your way through them!

Many of our favourite traditional boiled sweets are available in traditional gift jars. This means not only are you gifting a great retro gift but it looks the part too in a traditional sweet shop style Kilner jar which can also be personalised for the lucky recipient. Our gift jars are a great way to spread the sweet joy and show someone special that you care.

There’s a reason why boiled sweets are certainly one of the most iconic sweet types on British sweet shop shelves, they are so varied and delicious that there really is something for all tastes. Whether you are looking for a traditional boiled sweet that takes you back to your childhood and stuffing bags full of pick and mix into your pockets after school. Or if you are looking to try something new which packs a punch, then we have the perfect boiled sweet for you. From fizzy hard-boiled sweets to sweets that are hard on the outside but chewy or sherbety on the inside we have a great range of retro sweets packed over three pages of our website at