Personalised Sweets

Personalised Sweets Make Fun, Memorable Promotional Gifts

Are you looking for a promotional gift that will be enjoyed by the recipient?
Personalised sweets are much more enterprising than yet another stress ball or a mouse mat!

Are you looking for promotional sweets that are fun and memorable?
Personalised sweets (of all things) shouldn't be boring... I mean when was the last time you were delighted to receive a mint imperial?

Are you looking for someone to help you choose the perfect bespoke, personalised sweets and to make the whole process easy and efficient?
Why do so few companies do this these days? In that case, you're in luck.

As the leading retro sweetshop on the internet we have stacks and stacks of options for you.

And we're very good at finding out what will work best for you... and sorting it.

What Would You Like?

Promotional Personalised SweetsHere's a selection of some of the personalised sweets that we can offer you: 

Personalised Promotional SweetsPersonalised sweets with your branding on the sweets themselves - either wrapped slices of rock or logo lollipops

Personalised Promotional SweetsPersonalised sweets in bespoke printed wrappers - either boiled sweets, mints or lollipops

Personalised Promotional SweetsPersonalised jars of sweets.

Personalised Promotional SweetsPersonalised gift boxes of sweets.

Personalised Promotional SweetsLittle promotional giveaway bags of sweets.

Personalised Promotional SweetsBespoke boiled sweets made to your colour/flavour specification. Yes... if you need something very specific, we can even make boiled sweets made especially for you

The bags, jars and boxes can come with labels customised with your logo and/or promotional message... and you can choose the sweets that go inside.

Minimum Quantities for Personalised Sweets

The minimum quantities for the various types of personalised sweets are:

Promotional giveaway bags
250 bags
Wrapped rock sweets
5,000 sweets
Sweets in printed wrappers
5,250 sweets
Logo lollipops
720 lollies
Mini (dinky as we call them) glass jars (great as wedding favours!)
100 dinky jars
All other personalised jars50 jars
Personalised boxes30 boxes
Boiled Sweets made to your colour and/or flavour specification50 kg

So How Does Ordering Personalised Sweets Work?

It's so simple! Either:  

  • Email us at::, and please include as much information as possible about your personalised sweets requirements.
  • Give us a call on 01254 262160.

and tell us:

  • What you're planning
  • What you need (if you know!)
  • How many you need
  • When you need them
  • Your budget (if you have one)

We'll then get straight back to you with a quote, some ideas (if required), and how we can help you.

So contact us now. We'll help you to find the perfect personalised sweets for your specific requirements.