Chewy sweets come in so many shapes and sizes.  Which is your favourite retro sweets uk chew?  Jelly sweet lover?  Or do you prefer a good old-fashioned gummy sweet to give your jaw some exercise?  Or softer foam sweets that you can chew on and which also melt in your mouth?

If you love sweets with a bit (or a lot) of a chew to them, you've come to the right place.  Chomp on your favourites here...  You'll find jelly cola bottles (both fizzy and smooth, normal size and giant), bubblegum bottles, shrimps, fruit gums, midget gems, Haribo fried eggs, foam mushroooms, gummy bears, chewy foam mushrooms, sweet bananas, toffees, chewing nuts... and loads more!

Whatever you call your old-fashioned favourites... chew sweets, chewy candy, chewy fruit sweets, fruit chews... if they still make 'em we'll have 'em... all you have to do is chews your faourites!  - see what I did there?  groan ;-)