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Showing somebody you really care for them means letting them know that you know what their favourite things are (if you know what I mean!). 

I'll let you into a little secret... my friend Sarah's most favourite sweets are Sour Apples. I know this because when we were little, every Friday before going to Guides we used to pile into the sweetshop round the corner from the Guide hut to buy some sweets. Sarah would vary most of her selection week on week, but a dead cert was always a quarter of Sour Apples.

I won't go into the fact that we were consequently expelled from Guides after lobbing sticky Sour Apples at the Guide leader's fluffy jumper while we were watching a film. Oooooh naughty!

But the point is, 30 years on, I occasionally surprise her with a quarter of Sour Apples, just to show her how much I love her, and how far we've come together.

On a different note, we have hundreds of fantastically original gifts for her - whether that be your mum, your daughter, your girlfriend, your sister, your auntie or your best friend. And best of all, you can personalise your gift... we have a whole range of different jars and boxes you can personalise - it's brilliant!