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Looking for the tastiest gelatine-free sweets around?  

If you're a vegetarian and you want to avoid all sweet that contain gelatine then you've come to the right place.  And just because the sweets below don't contain gelatine, don't think that they are boring or that you're restricted to boiled or other hard sweets (i.e. sweets without any chew factor).  

Oh no... these days some of the most delicious chewy sweets (gummy and jelly sweets too) are gelatine free... sweets like Haribo Giant Strawberries and Jelly Beans, Liquorice Flyers... and loads more.

And of course there are loads of delicious boiled sweets and chocolate to choose from too...

PS we put the full ingredients listing of every sweet on each page... so can be certain you know exactly what every sweet contains.
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Vegetarian Sweets
Let’s face it: we all love sweets. No matter who you are or how little you usually favour sugary things, there’s bound to be one thing that gets your mouth watering and your tongue tingling. It might be liquorice or sherbet or bubblegum or any of the other weird and wonderful candies out there, but no matter what it is, it’ll bring you a zing of pleasure whenever you taste it. However, for those who are keen to promote animal welfare and want to make their life as cruelty-free as possible, sweets have one slight caveat: gelatine.
You might well be familiar with the feeling. You’re at a party, and someone offers you a delicious tray of sweets, gleaming and colourful and tempting. So you ask the question – are they sweets that are suitable for vegetarians? Often enough, you might find yourself getting a puzzled look, but it’s not an unfair question at all. Veggie sweets are not always the standard, but there are plenty of vegetarian sweets out there if you look!
So, what sweets are vegetarian? Well, the good news is that there are lots! Vegetarian sweets do not have to be boring or plain or unpleasant; plenty of gelatine free sweets are delicious! For example, acid drops – as the name suggests – are a wonderfully sour experience, and yes, they do count as vegetarian sweets even if they’re sour! If you’re keen on the acidic type, there are also Soor Plooms, delightful bright green discs of hard boiled sweet you can suck on for hours. You can also enjoy lemon crystals if you find a vegetarian lolly to dip in them, or lemonade fizzballs for a delicious, sparkling type treat.
Gelatine free sweets also have plenty of actual sweet treats to offer. If you’re a fan of pear drops, you might be delighted to discover that northern pear drops are among the vegetarian UK sweets. These lovely northern beauties are much like normal pear drops, but beautiful pink and yellow – yum! You can also count normal pear drops among the sweets without gelatine. And for another one of the pretty veggie sweets, Parma Violets are also gelatine free, which means some delightful and peculiar perfume-flavouring is suitable for the vegetarians among us!
Sugar mice are another wonderful one of the sweets suitable for vegetarians. Their lovely bright colours and satisfying string tails are perfect for hours of sugary sweetness. Definitely one of the most lasting sweets, these are great for an energy hit – and no mice were harmed in the making of this confectionery, so they are definitely vegetarian!
Many lollies can also be added to the list of great sweets without gelatine. Kid or adult, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had from lollies, especially Tongue Painters. You can proudly show off your red, green, or blue tongue, happily knowing that no animal has suffered to contribute to its new vibrancy. Perfect! There are also Traffic Light lollipops, with the traditional red, green, and yellow making their way in swirls around the sweet. No need to shout ‘stop’ for this product; it’s even vegan, and it’s such a satisfying treat for everyone to enjoy. Perfect!
How about treacle toffee? A great one of the sweets suitable for vegetarians, treacle toffee is something you can really sink your teeth into – and wow, it’s tasty. Thick, sticky, smooth, with the distinctive taste of black treacle, and not even a hint of gelatine. As it’s the chewy sweets which are more likely to have gelatine, this is a particularly good one for anyone who misses that resistance of gummy sweets. This is perhaps one of the most wonderful UK vegetarian sweets, and just thinking about it is enough to send us trotting off down memory lane.
Chocolate’s usually a safe bet if you’re trying to avoid gelatine, so Fry’s Chocolate Cream (along with the other delicious Fry’s flavours), Chocolate Pennies, and Casino Chips are perfect. If those don’t satisfy you, there are also American Hard Gums, which certainly fulfil the ‘chewy’ criteria, and have a mouth-watering, juicy fruit flavour. Don’t plan on having a conversation while you try to munch on these, though! Fruity Wheels are another possible option, a more unusual blend of many fruity flavours all melding into one satisfyingly munchable treat.
The answer to the question 'what sweets are vegetarian is a pretty simple one: lots! No matter what flavour or texture you’re craving, you’ll find sweets to please, in every colour and shade. The wonders of our inventive sweet-makers and changes in the market have seen more and more sweets go this way, so if your favourites aren’t gelatine free yet, keep checking – they might be soon!
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"Thank you for the fast delivery and for bringing all my childhood sweets back! I do wonder if anyone other than me remembers a sweet called ‘Lasers’ or something similar? They were from the 80s and like a hard boiled cola sweet."

Carina Woodcock
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"great sweets, fast efficient service, thanks! Love the Dandy/Beano characters :-)"

5 out of 5 Stars!

"Delicious sweets, great service and speedy delivery. Very pleased."

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