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This section always gets me nostalging. There was something very grown-up about chewing bubble gum when I was little, and no trip to the sweetshop was complete without at least two types of bubblegum.

My particular favourites were Golf Ball Bubblegum and the mighty Anglo Bubbly (our inspiration setting up no less!).  And there was that phase where there was loads of the new, ultra soft and squidgy American inspired bubble gum such as Bubbleyum and Bubblicious... it was bubbletastic!  Plus, of course, the more old - school (and much harder texture) Bazooka Joe with the little comic strip inside.

Happy days!

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Bubble Gum Bonanza: Unleash the Bubbles of Joy

Step into a bubble gum wonderland with A Quarter Of’s lively assortment of bubble gum treats that promise a burst of flavours and fun with every chew. Our collection is a bubbly celebration, a sweet invitation to the chewy, bubble-blowing jubilee that awaits. From the traditional bubble gums to the modern fizzy wonders, we’ve curated a bubble gum paradise that beckons the child in everyone. Let’s pop into the bubbly world of bubble gum!

Timeless Bubble Gum Treasures: A Chewy Legacy

Relish the nostalgia with our selection of classic bubble gum treats that transport you back to the sweet simplicity of childhood:

  • Golf Ball Bubblegum: Tee off a sweet game with these golf ball-shaped bubble gums, a sporty chew with a bubbly spirit.
  • Rainblo Bubblegum: Discover a rainbow of flavours with these colourful bubble gum balls, a classic chewy treasure.
  • Pool Ball Bubble Gum: Rack up a sweet game with these pool ball-shaped bubble gums, a playful chew that’s right on cue.
  • Giant Bubblegum Strips: Unroll a strip of bubble gum wonder, a chewy journey in bubble gum flavour.

Fizzy Bubble Gum Flavour Favourites: A Tangy Twist

Dive into a fizzy fantasy with our effervescent bubble gum tasting treats that bring a twist to the bubble gum bash:

Jawbreaker Jubilee: A Hard Shell with a Gummy Heart

Crack open a sweet secret with our jawbreaker bubble gums that promise a hard shell surprise with a gummy heart:

Bubble Gum Fusion: A Gummy Gum Delight

Indulge in a sweet fusion where bubble gum meets gummy in a delightful duo of chewy ecstasy:

  • Watermelon Gummy Balls: Savour the sweet union of bubble gum and gummy with these watermelon flavoured gummy balls, a chewy charm with a bubble gum heart.

Bubble Gum: A Chewy Chapter in Sweet History

Bubble gum is more than just a sweet treat; it's a chewy chapter in the sweet history that has brought joy, bubbles, and sweet smiles across generations. Whether it's the endless bubble-blowing fun or the new fizzy bubble gum fantasies, the world of bubble gum continues to charm and fascinate. Discover the bubble gum bonanza at A Quarter Of, and let the bubbly, chewy adventure begin!

Bubble Gum Nostalgia

A gent named Frank Fleer was the first person to discover bubblegum but his recipes were too sticky and were never sold.

So, the Fleer Chewing Gum Company continued searching for a recipe that allowed bubbles to be blown without sticking. By 1928, Walter Diemer, an accountant for the Fleer Gum Company, discovered bubblegum while testing out new gum recipes. Walter Diemer’s recipe was not sticky than regular gum which allowed bubbles to be created easily. Hence, credits for bubblegum discovery went to Walter Diemer.

Bubblegum was originally a pink coloured sweet since the factory only had pink food coloring available. Diemer’s recipe looked so promising which prompted the company to test it in a local candy store. Bubblegum sweets sold out on the first day and were marketed as “Dubble Bubble”. Fleer sold $1.5 million worth of bubblegum during its first year.

Bubblegum featuring Fleer Funnies was introduced in 1930. A color comic strip that features “Dub and Bub”. In 1950, it was replaced by the iconic Pud and his pals. Dubble Bubble was distributed to the military during the 2nd World War.

Bubblegum manufacturing stopped in 1942 since sugar and latex became scarce due to the war. Dubble Bubble was manufactured again in 1951. Over time, Fleer added new flavors and new formats that extended their reach.

Bubblegum sweets were extremely popular to depression-era customers since it was sold for only a penny. Diemer never received royalties for the product but was eventually promoted to senior vice president and served on the company’s board of directors. 15 years after retiring, Deimer still continued to hold a board seat.

Bubblegum’s original ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, gum base, dextrose, artificial flavour, high fructose corn syrup, cornstarch and BHT. Dubble Bubble gum was the only bubble gum available on the market for years until the Bazooka Bubble Gum was introduced.

Through the years, a variety of bubblegum sweets began appearing in the market but probably most iconic in the UK is Anglo Bubbly bubble gum - a pink colored chunky disc of bubblegum with a taste of pear (apparently... I just thought it tasted of bubblegum!).

Anglo Bubbly bubblegum is an American inspired retro sweet treat from the 70s and 80s and fab for blowing big bubbles!

Bubblegum still remains popular up to this day. It is a sweet treat that takes you back in time when you were still a kid.