Cola Bottles and Bottle Sweets

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If you were an alien and you'd been plonked down on earth, and someone offered you a Milk Gum, or a Beer Bottle sweet, surely you'd think that was a crazy idea! But that's the lovely thing about traditional British sweets! This section is dedicated to bottles of all shapes, sizes and flavours: fizzy, cola, milky, beer-y!

Cola Bottle Carnival: A Fizzy, Sweet Soiree

Pop into a world fizzing with flavour and nostalgia with our cola bottle collection at A Quarter Of. Our repertoire is a bubbly brew of cola and other beverage-inspired gummy sweets, offering a sweet sip from the fountain of youthful joy. From the classic cola delights to the fizzy fruity fusions, we’ve bottled up a sweet, chewy carnival for your taste buds. Let’s uncork the sweet sensations awaiting in our cola bottle collection!

Classic Cola Concoctions: A Nostalgic Nibble

Revel in the timeless taste of cola with our classic cola bottle gummies, your sweet passport to yesteryears:

Fruity Fizzy Fusion: A Tangy Twist

Indulge in a fruity, fizzy fusion with our range of fruit-flavoured gummy bottles, a tangy twist to the cola classic:

Brew and Bubbly: A Beverage Bonanza

Embark on a sweet, spirited journey with our range of beverage-inspired gummy bottles, a toast to the sweet times:

  • Beer Bottle Sweets: Cheers to chewy cheers with these beer-themed gummy bottles, a playful pint of sweet, malted magic.
  • Prosecco Gummy Bottles: Raise a gummy glass to the bubbly brews with these alcoholic beverage-inspired gummies, a sweet, spirited soiree.

Milky Melodies: A Creamy Chew

Delight in a creamy, dreamy chew with our milk-themed gummy bottles, a soft, sweet serenade to the milky melody:

Sugar-Free Sweetness: A Guilt-Free Gulp

Enjoy a guilt-free gulp with our sugar-free cola bottle gummies, a sweet solace sans sugar:

  • Sugar Free Cola Bottles: Sip on a sweet, sugar-free cola chew, offering a guilt-free gateway to the classic cola charm.

The Cola Bottle Saga: A Chewy Chapter

Cola bottle gummies are more than just a sweet treat; they are a chewy chapter in the sweet saga, offering a fizzy, flavourful foray into the world of gummy goodness. Whether it’s the traditional cola charm or the modern fruity fizz, the cola bottle carnival continues to captivate hearts and taste buds alike. Explore the bubbly, chewy bounty at A Quarter Of, and let the cola bottle carnival commence!