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Liquorice Sweets

Liquorice Lure: A Sweet, Dark Delight

Delve into a dark, sweet enigma with our selection of liquorice sweets at A Quarter Of. Our collection is a sweet sonnet to the timeless allure of liquorice, offering a blend of traditional and modern takes on this beloved confection. With its distinct taste and versatile nature, liquorice has spun a dark, sweet magic across generations. Let’s uncoil the dark, sweet strands of our liquorice story!

Time-Honoured Treasures: A Nostalgic Nibble

Revel in the rich legacy of liquorice with these classic creations that take you on a sweet stroll down memory lane:

Take your pick... there's black liquorice, red liquorice... pretty well every colour under the rainbow and a whole assortment of flavour combinations...