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Try Our Sweets and Chocolate Quiz Today
How much do you know about your favourite treats?  Can you beat your family & friends?  FInd out in our fab "Sweets and Chocolate" Quiz!
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Top Of The Cops

How well will you do in our new memory-dredging quiz.

Can you get all 11 correct? I bet you don't!

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Bet These Adverts Take You Back…
How many of these classic ads do you remember from your childhood?
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Remember This?
Dare you take on my fiendish quiz? (evil laugh!)
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“The EYES Have It”!
Know whose eyes these are? Will you do so well with the other 20 sets of eyes in my latest fiendish quiz?
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Hello David McKee sadly died about a month ago.  He was 87, which is a good innings in anybody's book. You're probably thinking... who? To tell the truth, I'd have been doing the same. ... [Read More]
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As Vic Reeves would have said... "You wouldn't let it lie...". Brace yourself for a nostalgic rant... Don't you find it depressing how many reboots there are... They take something that wor... [Read More]
I took William, our 13 year old, shopping the other day to buy a new pair of trainers.   The old ones had lasted about 3 months until he grew out of them...  Pesky meddling adol... [Read More]
As I look out of the window here the sky is grey and it's raining. Back in the day, before there was 24 hour a day entertainment for children (on-demand television so you can watch whatever you l... [Read More]
Back at the end of the 70s a new, how did they come up with that idea, programme appeared on BBC2.  I can remember if it was on Sunday afternoon or, and I think I'd probably plump for this if I... [Read More]
As I'm doing mundane stuff around the house and in the garden I spend a whole load of my time trying to think of obscure nuggets of things that I remember from when I was little.  Not the most... [Read More]
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The devil is in the detail they say... and that was certainly true when it came to tokens at Christmas. One, in particular, made my heart sink when I was 9... [Read More]
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