The Legend Called William Shatner

The Legend Called William Shatner
This morning I thought of a new challenge to set myself for these blog posts.

You know how they try to link a story to the previous one on some television programmes...

A segue I think they call it... 

(the number of times I've made a complete idiot of myself because I didn't know how you pronounced that and I defaulted to "seeg" instead of "segway")

Anyway... last time I talked the horror that is Izal tracing smearing toilet paper

...and this time, to be topical, it's William Shatner who has just boldy gone into space some 55 odd years after he was doing it on Star Trek on the telly.

How to segue from Izal to William Shatner?

And no... I'm not using that link because it's too obvious and just too crude... shame on you!

Imagine what Frankie Howerd would be saying now, missus!

Instead I'll go with a joke that we used to think was hilarious when we were about 12...

What does the Starship Enterprise & toilet paper have in common? (the answer's at the bottom of this post)

I used to love Star Trek when I was little. The TV series only though... I never got into any of the films especially.

Each week you knew that
  1. anyone who beamed down to a planet with Capt Kirk, Mr Spock or "Bones" and who was wearing a red sweater was doomed
  2. if there was a remotely attractive female alien she'd end up in amorous clenches with Capt Kirk by the time the 40 minutes were up

Do you remember the one with the Tribbles?

I'm sure we used to (occasionally) play a Spectrum game called "Trouble With Tribbles" which was based on that episode... oooh very good Michael... a stonking segue to my previous post about Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor of the ZX Spectrum. (does anyone know what the ZX stood for, out of interest?)

Anyway, the Star Trek episode of the same name is something so bizarre and surreal that it's worth watching. 

From memory, they were basically little furry "creatures" (stuffed toys) that reproduced at ridiculous rates and were in danger of taking over the whole USS Enterprise because there were so many of them. 

I don't think they were evil like Gremlins... more like very randy Mogwais.

Finally... joke answer time... I'm embarrassed because it's very lame but I just had to in the circumstances...

What does the Starship Enterprise & toilet paper have in common?  They both circle Uranus looking for Klingons.

Sorry!  To make up for that here's one final Star Trek treat...

Bring back any memories?

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