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vegan sweetsWhat Sweets Are Vegan?

If you're looking for Vegan Sweets you've come to the right place.  But you don't have to be Vegan to enjoy these, they are Halal friendly too, perfect for Vegetarians and everyone looking for gelatine-free sweets...

Plus they taste so good, and include such iconic retro sweet names, that absolutely everyone will love them... without fail!

Simply take your pick from our fab vegan-friendly collection... and enjoy!

PS we display the complete listing of ingredients for every sweet on each page... so can be certain you know exactly what every sweet contains.
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More and more people are moving towards eating vegan sweets – so people are looking for ethical ways to enjoy their candy. Fortunately, there are lots of options - the manufacturers are becoming much more aware of people who love nostalgic sweets and who have special nutritional requirements or preferences.  And these days it's great because you don’t have to compromise on flavour or enjoyment for the sake of our four-legged friends. Of course, you also don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the myriad of flavours, colours, and textures which vegan sweets offer to those who munch them; anyone can enjoy these. Please note that you should always double-check ingredients lists before consuming!
If you remember Candy Necklaces and Candy Watches, you might be delighted to learn that both are vegan. These lovely pastel colours are still the height of playground fashion, and so much fun for kids and adults alike. Better yet, they’re totally free from animal products, making them perfect for the vegans and vegetarians among us. What time is it? Cruelty-free time!
Flying Saucers are another wonderful option, also with beautiful colours. We think they’re pretty ‘out of this world’ when it comes to vegan sweets; they offer a fantastic zizz of flavour and the satisfying slurp of your mouth tingling afterwards. Coupled with the odd texture of the bright rice paper and the blast-from-the-past nostalgia hit, what more could you want from a vegan sweet? And if sherbet’s your thing, you’re in luck, because Rainbow Dust is also vegan, as are Sherbet Filled Bottles and Sherbet Filled Fruit. What a lot of amazing, bright options to tickle the taste buds with.
For those on the liquorice side of the fence, what could be more magical than a vegan Liquorice Wand? With their froth of magic bubbles, these are great for kids and adults alike, though many of us were sorry to see the end of Liquorice Pipes. If you’re not feeling in the fairy spirit but you are in the mood to connect with nature, Liquorice Wood (or Root) is another great option to satisfy the cravings. This will really get you in touch with your past and with being kind to the planet – no artificial colours, flavours, or even other ingredients – just good old liquorice.
If that’s not quite doing it for you, how about Edinburgh Rock? These gorgeous, crumbly treats might be a surprising one to find on the vegan list, but they’re a wonderful fruit-flavoured boiled sweet with no gelatine, no animal products, and they’re even gluten free. Those soft little pastel shades promise to be friendly to everyone, and they don’t disappoint. If you’d rather have a bit more vibrancy and colour in your boiled sweets, how about Scented Satins? These look almost too good to eat with their rich, pearlescent tones – but they’re perfect for vegetarians, vegans, and everyone else to enjoy!
Vegan sweets do not have to be boring or flavourless. There are so many weird and wonderful treats out there which you can enjoy without having to think about your conscience. Many of the sweets which were not vegan in the past are now becoming vegan as makers try to cater to the expanding market, so if your favourite isn’t vegan yet, keep hoping!
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