Bet You'd Forgotten This From Your Childhood... But What Is It?

Bet You'd Forgotten This From Your Childhood... But What Is It?
When I was researching my last blog post (the one about the 70s classic "Drinking Bird") I found this image which took me right back to my childhood.

It's a perfect example of a picture doing more than a thousand words ever could.  When it comes to nostalgia I think that cliché is truer than ever.

I bet this image takes you back...
gum glue
I have another corker of a childhood school memory coming next... any guesses as to what it will be? 

I'll give you a clue... it was something that, in my opinion, was completely unfit for its purpose... In fact, when I've mentioned the name of it to anyone they've all chimed in about how terrible... and useless it was.

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