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Nougat, where traditional confectionery artistry meets exquisite flavours. This carefully curated range showcases the rich, creamy texture and nutty sweetness of nougat in two distinct offerings.

- Our Almond Nougat is a classic treat, rich in texture and taste. It combines the smoothness of nougat with the crunch of almonds, creating a perfect balance that's both indulgent and satisfying.
- For variety and value, the Barratts Nougat pack features four bars, each brimming with the traditional nougat goodness you know and love. This selection is ideal for sharing or enjoying over time, ensuring a delightful nougat experience whenever the craving strikes.

Perfect for any occasion, or as a special treat, our nougat range invites you to indulge in the rich and creamy world of this beloved confection.

Characteristics of Nougat


Nougat typically has a chewy, sometimes soft and sometimes firmer texture, which can vary depending on the type. Traditional nougat is often aerated, giving it a light, fluffy feel.


It commonly features a sweet base made from sugar or honey, and is often combined with nuts like almonds, pistachios, or hazelnuts. Some variations also include dried fruit or chocolate.


There are several types of nougat, the most famous being the white nougat (Torrone in Italy, Turrón in Spain) made with beaten egg whites, and the darker variety (nougat noir in France) made without them.


It has a rich history with roots in Europe, notably in countries like Italy, France, and Spain, each having their own traditional recipe.


Nougat can be found in various forms, from bars and lozenges to being used as a filling in chocolates or other sweet treats.