Give The Gift They Will Love

Create Full-Size, Authentic Sweetshop Gift Sweet Jars Of Their Favourites

...And Add Your Own Special, Personalised Message Too

If you know someone who is an aniseed ball addict... or a cola bottle connoisseur... or liquorice lover... creating the perfect gift for them easier than ever before.   It will last them for ages (because it's a whopping jar - the sort that holds up to 3kg of traditional boiled sweets).

Choose from over 200 weighout sweets to go in your authentic, full-size, sweetshop style gift sweet jars.   Then add your own personalised label as the perfect finishing touch for your gift.  See how I uploaded a photo and added a special message in under a minute...

Every time they dip in for a treat... they'll see your special message (and, as I say, the jar's so huge that will be for ages!)

And if you're looking for personalised selection jars and boxes, you can find loads here.

ABC Alphabet Letters

Acid Drops

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Almond Nougat

American Hard Gums

Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum

Aniseed Balls

Aniseed Twists

Apple and Cinnamon Balls

Apple and Custard

Apple Bonbons

Army and Navy

Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans

Baby Dolphins

Banana and Mango

Barratts Sweet Bananas

Beer Bottle Sweets

Black Jacks

Blackberries and Raspberries

Blackberry and Raspberry Domes

Blackcurrant Millions

Blue Bubblegum Foam Mushrooms

Bonfire Toffee

Bubblegum Flavour Millions

Bulls Eyes



Cherry Bonbons

Cherry Lips

Cherry Wheels

Chewing Nuts

Temporarily Out Of Stock

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Choc Lick

Choc Limes

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