Give The Gift They Will Love

Create Full-Size, Authentic Sweetshop Gift Sweet Jars Of Their Favourites

...And Add Your Own Special, Personalised Message Too

If you know someone who is an aniseed ball addict... or a cola bottle connoisseur... or liquorice lover... creating the perfect gift for them easier than ever before.   It will last them for ages (because it's a whopping jar - the sort that holds up to 3kg of traditional boiled sweets).

Choose from over 200 weighout sweets to go in your authentic, full-size, sweetshop style gift sweet jars.   Then add your own personalised label as the perfect finishing touch for your gift.  See how I uploaded a photo and added a special message in under a minute...

Every time they dip in for a treat... they'll see your special message (and, as I say, the jar's so huge that will be for ages!)

And if you're looking for personalised selection jars and boxes, you can find loads here.



Raspberry Bulls Eyes

Raspberry Crystals

Refreshers Chew

Rhubarb and Custard Sweets: The Best Ever!

Snowies (White Jazzies or White Gems)

Sour Apples

Sour Strawberry Bites

Strawberry Foam Mushrooms

Strawberry Milkshakes

Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs

Sugar Free Chocolate Limes

Sugar Free Cola Bottles

Sugar Free Devon Toffees

Sugar Free Everton Mints

Sugar Free Fruit Salad

Sugar Free Jelly Bears

Sugar Free Liquorice Toffees

Sugar Free Rhubarb and Custard

Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons

Sugar Free Spearmint Chews

Taveners Pontefract Cakes

Vicious Vipers

Walkers English Creamy Toffees

Walkers Milk Chocolate Covered Toffees

Walkers Mint Chocolate Eclairs

Watermelon Chunks

Watermelon Slices

White Chocolate Fish and Chips

White Mice

Yorkshire Mixture