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Bulk Buying Sweets!
Here at AQuarterOf, we’re all about making your favourite sweets and chocolates available in any quantity you need. Whilst we have a lot of wholesale customers who stock our goodies in their shops, we’re also here for individuals and businesses that want to buy sweets in bulk or when the need arises...or just for those with a HUGE sweet tooth.
Why buy sweets in bulk?
There are so many reasons for you to consider bulk buying. The first one is that you can never have enough Flying Saucers, Toffee or Pick and Mix. But seriously, a variety of occasions may call for the highest quality of sweets in large volumes, such as:
· Birthday parties for kids (and grownups)
· Wedding receptions
· Graduation celebrations
· Anniversary parties
· Corporate events 
· Marketing campaigns
· One-off gifts and regular perks for employees 
· Donations to charities (nothing says “thank you NHS” better than a big delivery of sweets for the staff)
· Choose bulk buying if you live in a busy neighbourhood and want to treat the local kids at Halloween
· You may even just want to fill your own cupboards with yumminess, although we do recommend snacking in moderation
What are the benefits of bulk buying sweets?
There are plenty of reasons to buy pick ‘n’ mix, chocolates and other sweets treats in bulk from AQuarterOf. Here’s a flavour of some of the tasty benefits you can enjoy:
· Let’s start with the one you want to hear most, in that buying in bulk means MASSIVE SAVINGS! We always look after our customers by offering money off discounts and special offers, especially when you buy in bulk.  
· Packaging waste is reduced due to fewer materials being used when compared with smaller individual orders. This can make a sizeable difference in the long run, helping you to do your bit for the environment.
· Help us to achieve a lower carbon footprint thanks to your bulk order being sent in one go rather than multiple instalments. Whether you buy online or visit a supermarket in person, every mile driven in a vehicle results in CO2 emissions. Buying in bulk means that everything you need arrives together, minimising transportation miles. What’s more, large parcels are easier to stack than smaller ones, which enables couriers to fit more in their vehicles and make more efficient journeys.
Avoid the risk of running out
Nothing’s worse than buying sweets for a special occasion, only to realise you don’t have enough for everyone. Whether it’s grumpy grandma or boring Uncle Bert who misses out, we don’t envy the angry rant that will surely be directed toward your lugholes.

Bulk buying with AQuarterOf means always having enough to go round. Everyone gets their fair share and there’ll probably be some leftover afterwards. Hooray for surplus fizzy cola bottles and jelly beans!
Easily factor in dietary requirements
We’ve designed our online store to make bulk buying sweets extremely fast, simple, and convenient. As well as being able to find your childhood faves, we’ve also categorised all of our Free From products. These include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free sweets, ensuring that you can treat everyone to some retro classics without worrying about those who have to stick to vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, or coeliac diets.
Ordering is super easy
Our website is fast, reliable, and secure, making online bulk orders a breeze. The main categories bring together a wide range of particular products, such as chewy sweets, chocolates, and sherbet. Then there’s the search bar for when you want to instantly find a specific product or flavour.

Each product listing also makes it very clear how much you’ll save when you buy in bulk. All you have to do then is click Add To Cart and visit the checkout when you’re ready to place your order.
Enjoy your sweets!
We love seeing customers enjoying our retro sweets. Whether you’re having a party or treating your staff, make sure to take a selfie and share it on our Facebook page.