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We always wanted 'A Quarter Of' to be an interactive site, so that it becomes the definitive place on the Internet for all things old and sweet! In the four years since we first started we have had stacks of emails from people asking us questions about their favourite sweets from days gone by ... and even better from people telling us their memories. We've been saving all of these and working on a way to share them with you!

We get lots of requests to add sweets to A Quarter Of. While we try to find as many as we can to add to A Quarter Of..., many of the old favourites have disappeared. We thought it would be a good idea to set up a page of the most requested sweets and what we understand happened to them... unless you know better

Black Bat

I seem to recall that "ANGLO" made Black Bat gum in the 70's and 80'.....I was wondering if you had an email address for this company, as I am looking to buy some of this gum if it is still produced. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer on this quest of mine.-Drew.

Chocolate Logs

Can you please tell me if you still make chocolate logs. I bought some from your site a couple of years ago and have searched all over the north west for them. Please tell me you still make them and where I can buy them PLEASE PLEASE, Linda

Fruit creams

I was wondering if you can still get fruit creams, i'm sure the same makers of poppets made them? Karen

Rainbow Drops

NO...not the kind on your site at present BUT chocolate buttons with 'hundreds and thousands' sprinkled on them. Sold loose in every Woolies in the land ....... Saw them fleetingly when my children were young but have disappeared it seems?????Monica

'everlasting strip'

Hello, Regarding your reference to everlasting toffee I remember something called 'everlasting strip'. It was a long flat flexible toffee as far as I remember. Thanks for the memories, Lynda.


I have noticed that while you do have 'Golf Balls', you do not have 'Sour Grapes bubblegum! As I used never to buy the one without the other, can you either trace some or create a 'Spangles' entry for them please? Many thanks :) Karen


"Ballitas" by Haribo I believe that Haribo still make these DELICIOUS little tubes of candy, but I can't find a stockist anywhere now. HELP!!!

"Double Agents"

"Double Agents". They were hard sweets with a sherbet centre. I seem to remember them being in a yellow tube (like Toffo's) with a spy on the front. Then, I was watching the Powerpuff Girls with my daughter and the villain, Mojojojo, put me in mind of those brilliant chews from the past - Mojos! I remember them being given as a reward to the "best table" in Primary 1 (now that was 25 years ago!!) No wonder we were never out of the dentist!!

"Fizz Bombs"

Hello Any idea where I can get a few jars of the old favourite "Fizz Bombs" in the north east a company called dobsons did them but they are no longer around I would pay good money to find them CG
I remember my local sweet shop taking down a few jars and telling me that they weren't allowed to sell them any more! That would be around '82-'83.
metal mickeys favorite eh? are the 'fizz balls' on the website similar to what you'r thinking perhaps?
a nonny mouse


Not sure of the name, but "nerd" has been suggested They were similar to the Strawberry Millions range, but they came with 3 different flavours in a box and had little hatches at the top so you could mix and match the flavours...

"Sherbet Shandies"

Do you stock those yellow and pink lollies called "Sherbet Shandies" or do you know if they are even still made ? I have tried for ages to find them and my reputation as the Secretary who can find anything is at stake here ha ha ! Do you know even who originally made them ? any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Lorraine
I used to make them at redheads sweet factory over 20 years ago. I would like to find out where you can get them too.
Paula Alderson

"Something (maybe Golden) Nuggets?

It was bubble/chewing gum shaped in the form of nuggets of gold and came in a small drawsting bag made to look like a miners gold pouch. I think I've still got one at home in the loft (with my Jacks in!)


I would like to know what happened to treo chocolate bars and also 54321 chocolate bars.

A 'Giza's' search....

I loved pyramint as a kid but cant find it anywhere, where did they go?
Pyramint's were THE BEST, everyone still talks about them. Why on EARTH did they get discontinued??? I loved my Pyramint egg for easter, aged 8. I'll never forget it. x2 of the pyramid shaped pyramints and 1 big dark choc egg. Bring them back PURLEEEASE!!
I also loved Pyramint. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but the centre was fab. They changed them into a bar before you stopped being able to get them. It was sort of the shape of Bueno but triangular (obviously). Bring 'em back plz.
Yeah where did they go? I loved them have been hunting for years now but to no avail...i miss them...

After Eight Fruits

Whenever I have asked people if they remember After Eight Fruits - they think I have invented them! I am sure I recall them being in a burgundy coloured box and were the same as the mints - but a range of fruit flavours! Does anyone else recall these which sold in the mid 60's? - David

Alien eggs

Big,hollow egg with really sour sherbert in the middle!
dinosour eggs? familiar, but not.
a nonny mouse

Almond mars

Mars bar with almond in the centre......

Am I Right ??

Am I right? There did used to be a Trio chocolate bar? Regards, Bernard


Hi Folks I seem to remember 2 particular favourites that kind of came and went. Amazin was a chocolate covered bar with raisins the signature tune in the advert It's amazing what raisins can do. Another favorite was the Swiskit, remember this? Avalanche? No have a swiskit Nigel


Does anyone there remember a chocolate covered bar called 'Amazin'. It was nougat with raisins in, covered in milk, then plain chocolate. This was the best bar I ever had, but it wasn't available for long. I'm sure one of the big names made it in the 70s, because it was advertised a lot...'amazin raisin' etc.. The closest thing now is probably a Double-Decker. I remember Aztec bars in a purple wrapper, but they were more of an acquired taste!

Amazin Bar

Amazin Bar 1970s milk/plain choc coated bar, nougat & raisin centre.....
It's amazin' what raisins can do, full of goodness and it's all for you, it's got two kinds of chocolate and caramel too and it's got raisins and they're good for you......ah I remember it well
L Monks

Amazin Bar

The Amazin raisin bar had a soft nougat with raisins and covered in chocolate.

Amazin Raisin

I would like you to get some Amazin Raisin bars in. Please advise. Thank you Percy

Amazin Raisin bars

A bit like a double decker bar, but half of it was dark chocolate coating, half of it was milk chocolate.....

Amazin Raisins

oes anyone remember Amazin bars. They were chocolate covered raisin bars. Made possibly by rowntree not sure. The catch phrase to the advert was 'It's amazin what raisins can do' How do I remember that. They were my brothers favourites about 15 - 20 yrs ago. Many thanks Mary


Hi, Just wanted to say what great service you have, I placed and order late Friday afternoon and it has just been delivered, AMAZING. Full marks for being SO QUICK. Thanks again! Elaine


Morning Markand all of the team at A Quarter Of Well what can I say, received the jars of sweets yesterday evening as you stated - they are: AMAZING - LOVELY - CUTE - WONDERFUL and exactly what we wanted. They brought a huge smile to our faces and we are sooooo pleased with them. When ordering things of the "net" it is sometimes hard to imagine what it will really look like, but we are certainly not disappointed, in fact the jars are better than we imagined. Perfectly packed (none broken!!); delivered exactly when you said they would be (apparently by a very nice delivery gentleman), the exact colour or ribbon we wanted and the design on the lid was perfect. I think you can tell (hopefully) that we are really pleased with them and of course, grateful for all your help. Whilst writing this, I was recommended to this site by a colleague/friend who orders her sweets from you. I have ordered sweets before for my Dad on Fathers Day. My Dad is particular with regard to sweets - he remembers the "old days" and oh boy he was not disappointed with the selection in fact when he opened the box he said "wow all my favourites!" which apparently kept him quiet for days (well that pleased Mum!!!). THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM SOOOO MUCH - Im sure the wedding guests will be delighted with the jars. Ruth & Wayne xx

Amazing'...or 'Amazin' choc bar

OH it was sheer bliss, as a child in the 70's it was a bar containing soft nougat, raisins and was just divine, I know the wrapper had purple on it and even rememberd part of the t.v ad words: " Its amazin, what raisins can do...all that..." Alas, thats all I remember. I dont know who made it either, I'd love to see one again, even just a wrapper, for old times sake! Good luck!
Hi I loved Laser Bars so much. I used to buy them from the school tuck shop every day. I have been looking on the internet to see if I can get some for my son to try. Does anybody know where I can get them from cos I haven't had much luck so far. J

And what quick profeessional service too!

I'm just writing to say thank you!! I recieved my order today. I ordered a 70's gift box for a friends birthday and it is brilliant, A lovely wooden box full of goodies. She will love it! I also ordered some sweet tobacco, for myself. I'm stuffing my face as I type!! and it tastes exactly as I remember, it's like being 6 again. It triggers loads of memories, of my nan meeting me from school with a bag of penny sweets and sweet tobacco. So thank you so much. I will definately be ordering again. And what quick profeessional service too! First class. Karen

andy whistle?

candy whistle? A lolly in the shape of a whistle which you could blow and it whistles!
Still make these, I see them in my local chemist!! Don't taste the same as they used to, but they still whistle!

Anglo liquorice flavour bubble gum

Anglo bubble gum in liquorice flavor is the holy grail of sweets in my opionion I have hunted high and low for them......

Aniseed Ball

Hi there just been on your smashin website, i saw it advertised in the Sun newspaper and thought id check it out :O) do you remember a type of aniseed had a metallic silver coating and was a kind of bluish colour inside with an aniseed in the middle? They usually left the inside of the token white bag all silvery hehe!!...mail me back if this doesn't make sense lol. best Wishes, Lyndon.

Anniseed Laces

Anniseed Laces. They are like the strawberry flavoured laces, but I just cannot find the anniseed flavoured ones. I put down Maltesers as my favourite of all time, but I've just remembered, these anniseed laces were!

Any chance you know what I'm asking for ?

'm trying to find the chew which was about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide and one side of the chew was one flavour and the other side a different flavour. My favourite as a child was banana & toffee and there was also a blackcurrent & liquorice and other flavours I don't remember. Sorry I don't remember the name, I thought they were mojos but definitely not the ones in the shop. Any chance you know what I'm asking for ? Anne

Any Ideas

I have been searching for without success, for a lolly which as I recall was called 'Chol' which was a red coloured ball lolly with a chocolate flavour coating. Any ideas?

Any Ideas?

all i remember is that it was orange and was mango in taste, was very very nice !! i swear that is what it was called....yes it was mumbo,mambo jumbo

Any nuggets of info out there?

I know I have emailed about Plush Nuggets before. Thought it might help if you knew they were made by Lovells and came in a pink and white packet. They were like a white bon bon but soft inside. Maybe someone remembers them and if there is another sweet around that might be similar Eileen
I have been trying for years to find someone else who remembers Plush Nuggets! I'm 49, and I know they were around when I was at primary school...(blimey, that long ago!)
YES I remeber them, they were a treat my Ma always bought me when I was little on our trips to Manchester, I'd be 5 - 10 years old so 30/35 years ago, don't recall seeing them after that time. Spongy
I thought I was the only person that remembered plush nuggets.I wish they were still made they were lovely.

Anytime Bars

Hello, Just reading your "whatever happened to" and I was wondering what happened to Anytime Bars. They where peppermint honeycomb bar with a very thin layer of chocolate covering it. It was about 13cm long by 4cm wide and looked like a log. It was around in the 1970's and the reason I remember it was it was only 5p and it was massive. Anyone remember it? Laurie.

Applause Choc Bars

what happend to the Applause Choc Bars they were in a burgandyish wrapper just one stick like a twix they had raisens and biscuit in they were really nice?
I loved Applause chocolate bars, my wife thinks I made them up...I wish they were still in my life...Hmmm

Apple Drops

Small coloured sweets with a sour apple taste. Each sweet was multi coloured - red,green,yellow. Ball shaped.....

Apple Jack

Chocolate Bar...I think dark chocolate - over a really sharp apple jelly....
i remember eating an applejack chocolate bar once in summer of 1972 when i was 9 - it was delicious.
sally leggett

Apple Tarts

Apple Tarts Apple-flavoured green, yellow and red balls, boiled sweet. VERY sour, shredded your tongue, mouth-watering, etc. Bought in jars in 60s.

Apple Tarts

About the size of an Aniseed Ball, with all the defined colours encircling it. Tasted very sharp.....

Apple Tarts

Red and green (like a stereotype Snow White apple) boiled sweet, spherical with a ridge round the centre, with a tart taste. Normal size for a sphere (just over 1cm diameter).

Apple Tarts (Traffic Lights)

A ball shaped hard boiled sweet. Green and Red stripes.

Argentina Balls (I think)

It was a kind of boiled sweet which was blue and white striped. Can remember what it tasted of, but I remember that they were good!!!
i too am always looking for a blue and white stripy sweet, they weren't ball shaped though, more like mint humbug or chocolate lime shape
Whatever happend to "Dad's Original Cookies"? I last saw them in the 60s but have not seen them for years
Stan Gooch
Anyone remember Sharp's Banana Toffee and Black Jacks? Oh! The tastes of my childhood!
Stan Gooch
Another on the lookout for this. Blue and White striped humbugs - the most amazing sweet ever. Can't describe the flavour.. Used to get them from local ice cream van in Glasgow in the mid 80s. Never seen them since. Have been looking for them for years with no joy.
Cam Smith

Argentina Chews

hey were blue & white with a clear wrapper They has a cola flavour, can you get these now? Lynne

Arrived The Next Morning

I just wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery of my order! I ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived the next morning! That's brilliant! I ordered the large nostaglia box for my brother's 30th birthday and it's absolutely fantastic! He loved it, as did my sister and I! I've recommended your site to my friends and family. People are quick to complain yet rarely give praise so I wanted to let you know how pleased I am!!! Emma

Arrow bar

It was called the penny arrow bar, it was toffee flavoured and it used to pull my fillings out!!!

Arrow bars

Chewy, wangy sticks of succulent scrumptiousness! Similar to Highland Toffee bars only longer and thinner. They came in a variety of flavours including strawberry and fruit salad. I remember buying them in the late 70s/early 80s when they cost the princely sum of 4p. Ahhhh - halcyon days!

Arrow bars!!!!

Does anyboy remember arrowbars or pink panther bars? they where long and chewy and took hours to eat? Catherine

Astro Belts

12" x 1" strawberry flavoured strip, covered in the most delicious sour sugary stuff. Eyewatering stuff !!
They're still about, but i don't think they're 12"... maybe 6? just have to search them out, we can get them in my local post office.

Astro Wars

This was right at the cutting edge when it came out around 1980. It was like Space Invaders from memory... but due to the limitations of screens at the time there were only about 5 aliens in each row. And once you'd destroyed the invaders you went onto a bonus screen... where if I remember right you had to land a space ship on its docking station. Or am I hallucinating?


Is it possible to get Astros onto the site at all? I miss them and so does my brother. They were small balls of chocolate and biscuit and they were made by Cadburys. Bring them back pleeeaasseee!!! Derek


Round coloured balls, chocolate covered with crunchy middle. About the size of maltesers.....
Oh i remember them!!m&m hav made crispy sweets and they r quite the similar.
They're still on sale, but only (as far as I know) in South Africa. Not the easiest to get hold of...


Hia, Can you see if you can find Astros? They were little sugar-coated balls. Inside, there was, what I think was a layer of biscuit, and then chocolate in the middle. They came in what I always used to think looked like cigarette boxes and were out in the mid nineties. Danielle

At Easter

Dear Sirs, When I was young, my sister and I were always bought by my parents at Easter, eggs that looked like real hen's eggs, but had a hard sugar shell and were chocolate inside. You had to suck the shell for what seemed like an eternity to be able to break through to the chocolate. They were always sold in the plastic egg cartons, like real eggs. Are you able to help???? Regards, Tracey

Atomic Fireballs

Yellow box, red writing, similar to aniseed balls but smaller and cinnamon flavoured. Can't remember makers name?
I remember them they were small,red and fiery flavoured.I used get them all the corner shop.
Atomic Fireballs are still around! we sell them in the shop i work in! and atomic sourballs too!
Lisa Kelly


I would just like to say your website is absolutley awesome,,im 32 yrs old and grew up in the 80s,,and this brings back some wicked memories,,i havent ordered anything yet but watch this space. Paula

Banana and toffee pips

Little hard drops half banana half toffee.....

Banana Candy sticks

Yellow candy sticks......


Light and crispy wafer with layer of nuts the wrapper was just like a twirl is now and a very catchy advertisement.....banjo banjo the one for me and you etc
Yes this was one of my favourites at the time too. A really satisfying snack - I used to buy them from school tuck shop if I remember rightly.... mmmm!!!
Di Norton


Coconut, the original one in a blue packet the other red. The jingle went something like- Banjo, the one for me & you. light & crispy wafer plus roast nut flavour too!!


Do you know what ever happened to Hellas Bars with different flavoured centers,I think they were Swiss made,and Banjo Bars, one was in a blue wrapper and one in red which contained nuts similar to a blue ribband bar only with two sticks? have they ever been re - released or plan to be,and are Hellas bars still being made abroad? Thanks for your time. Jane.


Chocolate looked like a twix it had nuts in it changed its name to trophy....


sweetname: Banjo sweet description: Twin chocolate finger wafer bar with peanuts.
Oh my god i used to really love these and wouldnt it would be great it they sold them again. Oh lovely.
Yvonne Johnston
At last, I have got the name of my favourite chocolate bar. I knew the old name WAS Trophy but couldn't remember it's new name Banjo. I wish they still made them. The wafer was so light with just the right amount of peanuts on the top. I could scoff loads.
P Sutherland


2 Chocolate bars with nuts


Sweet description: A chocolate bar like Twix but this was a purple wrapper with yellow writing on..........


I wondered if anyone remembered Banjo bars[ 2 bars of wafer and chopped nuts covered in chocolate] and also Whistler bars which i remember my dad buying for me around 1976/1977 ,think it was a small single bar but vague on rest -any help gratefully received.Thanks. Teresa


Does anyone remember a twin chocolate bar similar to Twix; called Banjo? It had a layer of chopped nuts near the top and I think a wafer like bit underneath then it was all covered in chocolate. I can't remember who made them sorry Hilary

Banjo Bar

I remember when i was about 10 there was 2 new chocolate bars that came out to buy,1 was the Twix the other was a Banjo bar,it was 2 fingers,the bottom was biscuit based and the top half was covered in some type of nut,the whole finger was then covered in chocolate. I hope i have this correct?,do you have any idea what happened to this chocolate bar?


Do you remember the chocolate wafer with peanuts called Banjo? oh and ice lolly Merlin Brew, oh to be young again.............I mean small like a childs age, god I sound old but i'm not!!! booo


where have banjos gone when i was little i used to have a wafer chocolate bar - two in a bar like a twix but it was a wafer, where are they now and can you get some??? yours in chocolatley eggerness angela

Bar of six

Obviously six bars, waffer fingers covered in chocolate. Also Rumbars what has happened to these unforgettable bars of chocolate?

Bar Six

l remember a chocolate bar l used to love as a child it was called Bar Six do you stock it or know of anywhere l could obtain it from?

Bar Six

cadburys bar six ,can remember back in late 70s, you could say it,s a bit like kitkat now a days - Tony

Bar Six

I think it was by Terry's, a waifer bar covered in chocolate divided in to six bars across. A bit like a kit-kat only sideways......
I'm sure this was a Cadbury product - I remember it had an orange wrapper.
Steve H
I remember Bar Six - it's one chocolate bar I was glad to see the back of! They were HORRIBLE! My Granny always used to buy them for me and my Mum wouldn't let me tell her I didn't like them!


He was not unlike a big piece of pink Silly Putty... and he was able to transform himself into pretty well anything he wanted to - in his "normal guise" he looked like a big pink pear drop! I seem to remember a Barbamama too (she was black) and children (each of whom had their particular characteristic... I'm sure there was a very arty one). Apart from that its all a bit of a blur!

Barley Sugar

I used to have a barleysugar orange colour twisted stick with chocolate down the centre in the 60's - 70's do you know what they were called? I dont remember them being wrapped tho - Andrew

Barley sugar twist

Barley sugar twists with chocolate all through the middle. These were loooong sweets....

Barratts Tabs

Can you please tell me where I can get some barratts tabs (i think they are by barratts). Or if you can source them for me. I last had them about ten years ago..are they still around? Regsards Nicki


Hi Just found your site, and was longing for some Bassettis. You have loads! I had been looking for Bassettis for years. When I was young my local chip shop used to keep them deep frozen, making them super hard. I loved them and now I have a load heading my way thanks to you! Guess I better make room in my freezer. Oh I will be back once I have finished this first load! Very Best Wishes Gerry


I am looking for bassets sherbert lemonade flavour, i found them in a cash and carry about 3 years ago but have since moved, could you please let me know if you can get hold of it Thank-you Mrs Janet

Bazooka Joe

What ever happened to Bazooka Joe Bubble gum with a cartoon wrapped around the bubble gum - bet you can't find one! Sue

Bazooka Joe bubble Gum

Hi there, you stock the best sweets ever, all our childhood favourites. Wonder if you will be stocking Bazooka Joe bubble gum, if its still around that is. We used to get for the comics, sad hey? Keep up the great stocks of goodies, Many thanks Lynn

Beach balls

Smallish spherical boiled sweets. The balls look a little like traffic cone lollies and taste quite like apple and other fruits.


They were like smarties only DARK chocolate
I once was half-way through a packet of Beanos, slightly cheaper than Smarties if I rememeber, only to realise that the ones with the little holes had a magot inside. Smarties were my fare every since.

Beautifully packaged, imaginative and fun

Just to let you know I ordered a 50's childhood box for a friend - it is absolutely terrific, beautifully packaged, imaginative and fun. I will definitely be ordering in the future. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year. All the best/Stephanie

Beeches Chocolates

Beeches Chocolates are so special. As you open a box of Beeches continental chocolates, your sense of smell is met by the dark chocolate coverture that surpasses all other chocolates in this category. The last time I came across these chocolates was in a small town called Clitheroe not far from where I live. They were a 1lb box and labelled "limited edition". They do all types of ranges - mint creams/ fruit creams etc etc including chocolate brazils....
Beeches also made Violet Creams which had a little crystalised violet piece on the top. Mum often talks of them, but I don't know if this firm is still in existance. If anyone knows, can you please let me know. Cheers!
Kath Sykes
Beeches creams are just scrumptious! You can still get them!! a shop near to me sold them - but went in today to buy a box each of the orange and strawberry creams and they don't sell them anymore!!! If I want them I have to do a 80 mile round trip to my nearest Dobbies Garden Centre farm shop!!!!!
Louise Pollock

Beechnut chewing gum

I had some Wrigleys Extra chewing gum the other day, and my Mum thought they were the Beechnut chewing gum as they were a similar size and shape. If they still make it I would like to buy some for her. It would be a real blast from the past for her! Many thanks L.G.
I dont know if its the same but here in the usa they have it still I believe

Bellamys Liquorice

Whatever happened to Bellamy's liquorice? it had the best flavour but suddenly disappeared. Jenny

Best Service By Far

I don't usually give feed back to internet companies but I had to say what a fantastic website this is and you haven given the best service by far of any company I have dealt with byfar! I tried everywhere to get some Vimto bon bons for my boyfriend, I was convinced they didn't exist..but you proved me wrong! They arrived in super quick time and the price was exceptionally low. Many thanks for helping me out this christmas!! Zoe

Beta Bars

Rice krispie type bar stuck together with a toffee apple type syrup (set hard) mmmmm
Where can you buy beta bars know. Would like to savour the taste again they were quite delicious
p mcdine
beta bars were made at swizzels matlow and they stopped making them in the early 90s,the only reson i know this i was working there at the time
That's the worst description of a Betta Bar, ever! They were puffed, solid rice, pieces covered in a bright orange slightly sticky syrup/toffee. Not at all like Rice Krispies. Sorry. I've been suffering withdrawals for years, now. :-D
I can remember these and I asked my older sister and she doesn't remember them. They were about the size of a Turkish delight only fatter and the wrapping was see through only orange tinted I think so you could see the bar. They were more like puffed rice in a chewy sticky toffee/caramel co..

Beta Bars

Dear Sirs, I read your article in Chat magazine while I was on holiday over the new year and all these memories came flooding back. But can you tell me if they still make Beta bars? These were like a rice crispie cake in some sort of sticky (not toffee) stuff. individually wrapped and costing about tuppence. I remember I used to go swimming and get a couple of these afterwards. (beta bars pronounced better bars) Many thanks Janet

Betta Bars

I read on you site you like a good challenge ok i have a memory of one of my favorites that i would love to see again they were called Betta Bars they were a rectangular bar of some sort of puffed rice covered in a sweet syrupy coating I think they were made by Matlows but i have not seen or heard of them in a long time it would be nice to see them available to buy again :) Thank you and keep up the good work , Angel

better than !!!

Hi guys , just to say a big "thankyou", we just received our parcel - the excitement!! Better than getting a snog at the Christmas party off that bloke you've always fancied, and that was just the lads! everyone has dived in and grabbed their faves ! Top stuff -ta Carol

Big red gum

Cinnamon flavoured chewing gum (I know you guys are about sweets, but this was great!!) made by Wrigley's...

Bizzie Lizzie (or Fizzy Lizzy?)

Bizzie Lizzie (or Fizzy Lizzy?) Chewy bar - raspberry flavour, with very fizzy sherbet in the middle, used to be 5p each, and my sister was mad about them!

Black = Liquorice!

Hi The Lion Sports mixtures, are they the original ones with "black" liquorice or the horrible!! new version with the purple "blackcurrant" flavour many thanks mike
I know... shocking isn't it. :(
If you liked the liquorice flavour, Lions still do them: Liquorice Gums. I regularly buy mine from my local Morrisons supermarket. If you contact Lion the manufacturer (Westgate, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire), they will probably give you the name and location of other stockists.
Pete Mitchell

Black Anglo Bubbly

The Anglo bubblegum that was black..... Liquorice I think, but in the same packaging as the original!
Yeah I remember them! They were called Spook. Round liqourice flavour black chewing gum, they made a heck of a mess if the bubble you blew popped over your face!!

Black Anglo Bubbly = Spooks?

Yeah I remember them! They were called Spook. Round liqourice flavour black chewing gum, they made a heck of a mess if the bubble you blew popped over your face!! Angie
you can still get black jack bubble gum in canada and usa


Individuallt wrapped as I recall about 2-3 times the size of a Fruit Salad/Black Jack. Bi Coloured toffee? chew with a coloured stripe of flavour, Banana/Raspberry etc. I recall buying these mid/late seventies cost then I think was about 1-2p. More expensive than the above mentioned but seemed at the time to be as big as railway sleepers!!! and last for ages!!

Blackcurrant and liquorice humbugs

It is triangular in shape with a three diamential shape they were around about twenty five years ago and were about two pence each then!
I have been looking for these for ages. When I was at secondary school about 25 years ago we used to go to the shop over the road I always used to buy these sweets. They were pink on the outside with a hard coating and liquorice on the inside, really yummy but I can't find them anymore.

Blackcurrant Éclairs

I was wondering if you could help, I'm trying to find my dads favourite sweet-blackcurrant eclairs - hes given up hope but there must be some out there somewhere?! Thank you for your time Claire
Hi, my dads been trying to find some for years I wanted to get him some for his birthday. If you've found them please say! Thanks!

Blackcurrant eclairs

These are the same as chocolate eclairs but with a blackcurrent centre.....
Thank goodness someone else remembers these! Nobody I know does - I don't like liquorice and everyone thinks I mean the liquorice and blackcurrant sweets and looks puzzled and humours me!! My Mum used to buy them for me from our corner sweet shop - happy memories - Bring them back - would love to taste them again!
I loved these back in the 60's they were blackcurrant centres, yummy bring them back!!!
alison white
A lovely sweet but slightly tart black currant paste in the centre which mixes perfectly with the toffee surround! Would love to have these back on the shelves!

Blackcurrant Fruit Pastille

why do you not stock blackcurrant fruit pastilles? it is an old school sweet that went away for a few years but i now noticed they are back in the normal stores. Bring the blackcurrant fruit pastille (rowntrees) to a quarter of so i can buy a whole box!

Blast from the past!!!

Blast from the past. Do you remember Swiss Kit. A bloke skiing down a mountain and saying "I'll risk it for a Swiss Kit" For some reason they were discontinued. They were a one off. Joanne


Narrow chocolate bar, in about 5 or 6 sections. Each piece was a nut surrounded in a gooey mixture, runnier than the walnut whip mixture. They were about in the early 60's, when I was a child, and they were gorgeous. I only had one now and again as a treat, as they weren't 'childrens' prices!


A chocolate bar with raised sections. In each section was a creamy extra smooth filling - delicious - late 60's/70's - in a light blue shiny wrapper...


Sold in tubes. There were several flavours: toffee apple, strawberry & cream and cola and probably more that I've forgotten.....
I'm pretty sure there were only three flavours Toffee Apple Straberry and Creme Cola They were launched the same time as chewits. And they used to cut your mouth to shreads!
Steve Kelly


Whatever happened to 'Blobs'? They were around in the late 70's? C.


blobs I think they were made by trebore???
Yes, YES, YES!!! I remember blobs. They were fab. I remember my mum taking me to the sweet shop and i would always buy blobs. I was born in 1972, so this would definately be the mid to late 70's. I loved cola blobs which were hard cola candy which was full of fizzy sherbet, and toffee apple blobs which were full of a chewy type toffee. Yes they did cut your mouth to bits. but i do recall there being quite a few flavours as i seem to recall it being difficult to decide which ones to chose. They were in a tube like packet and had funny little faces on "blobs" on the packet. OHHHH nostalgia. Lets have a blob party?????
Tracey Alston


Blobs Boiled sweet, about twelve in a tube, small. Flavours: Cider, cola, treacle, apple-pear-banana, strawberry and cream, raspberry......
Yes I remember Blobs but could only remember the Toffee & Apple and Raspberry & Cream flavours - no one else I know seems to remember them ... can you still get them?

Bloodsucking leaches

Leach shaped white chocolates with a runny red 'blood' inside!

Bloody Jaspers

I lived in the Isle of Wight in 1980-1 and used to buy bloody jaspers all the time. A small blackcurrant flavour boiled sweet lolly - themed on haunted houses(?). No idea if it was a regional thing or what. Delicious!

Blue Mouths

whatever happend to a sweet called blue mouths? They were a kind of aniseed flouver that turned your tongue blue.

Bluebird toffees

These were around in the fifties and sixties.....
The Blue Bird toffe factory in Hunington shut down.It is now an industrial estate.My nan used to live on the same road as it.I grew up on Blue Bird toffees.Nan used to buy great big miss shape bags straight from the factory.I don't think it shut down very long ago though.

Bobby bubble gum

It was a long pink stick with white powder over it wrapped in a waxed paper....

Bobby's Bubblegum

Am I getting the name wrong? When I was at High School in the late 50'/early 60's I used to buy a bubblegum that I think was called Bobby's Bubblegum. It was an oblong pink piece with white dusting on it and the wrapper was white with green writing on and the name, and I think there was a picture on it too. It was the best bubblegum I ever tasted and seemed (well at the time at any rate!) to keep it's flavour really well. It was either 2 for a penny or a penny per piece. Does anyone know what happened to it, or even remember anything like my description? I went to school in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex and remember buying it at a little shop at the top of Kingston Lane just before the Old Shoreham Road.

Boiled sweets

Can't remember the name! Paper-wrapped, fruit-flavoured (ie in various bright colours) boiled sweets which were disc-shaped, about the size of an old penny (or a bit bigger).There was a slight hollow on one side of the disc?


Whatever happened to Bonamo Turkish Taffy? Vicki

Bonfire Lollies

Hi there I was wondering if you can get hold of some Bonfire Lollies (which come in a foil case) I haven't seen these for a long time now!!!! They were round and in a foil case and on a lollypop stick! Hoping you can help!!!! Im sure many other people would like these...they were so delicious Thank you Ruth

Bonfire Toffee Lollies !!!!

Just wanted to say thanks for my recent order. It was received within 2 days of ordering and was a truly welcome sight when I arrived home on Thursday evening. My 7 year-old daughter has now experienced Space Dust and I was thrilled to feel the same popping on my tongue that I first felt some 27 years ago! And the Bonfire Toffee Lollies are without doubt exactly as I remember they where from my local sweetshop in 1983. I felt like that food critic in Pixar's Ratatoiulle. The sweets even came packed in the same white bags! Thankyou so much, I will certainly be visiting again. Ben

Bongo Bar

A chewy bar, tropical fruit flavour. Made by the same people who make the Wham bar.



We had these in our vending machine at work recently. Apparently production began again sometime last year, but stopped again in October. Boo!



Coconut, peanut, biscuit? I think peanut Boosts were re-branded Star Bars, which have since returned to their original name in the last few years. Coconut Boosts have disappeared entirely around the mid-90s. Biscuit Boosts, based on the Irish Morro bar, seem to have also vanished to be replaced with Guarana Boost bars.
They did used to have coconut ones first, then they brought in the Peanut ones in a tasteful brown wrapper, then they brought in Biscuit boosts last. I used to love the coconut ones. Now that i live in Australia, its funny that Biscuit Boosts are only new in the last 12 months. And i always thought that Star Bars were and have been around in addition to Boosts. And the Biscuit Boosts come in 2 packs, so they are like King Size size.
I too remember the Coconut Boost (the original and best in my humble opinion). I used to put mine in the fridge for half an hour and then peel off the chocolate and caramel to leave the coconut centre in one piece then slowly eat it. The Boost you now buy in the shops with the Blue wrapper(with Glucose) are still widely available in my local shops and I have rather a liking for them as well although I wish they'd bring back the original Coconut Boost in the Red wrapper.
Boost (in the red wrapper) It was delicious, moist, crunchy coconut, covered with smooth caramel and encased in smooth milk chocolate mmm!!!
I have been on the hunt for these elusive laser beams for a while now. They were and remain mine and my sisters favourite sweets ever! I tracked down some laser beams by Malaco but they were not the same. Less hard and not hollow. I am still not sure whether I did not find the right ones and they are still out there somewhere or if the company have changed them. If they have changed them, they are not as good. Nick
The Peanut Boost (brown wrapper) was just a re-named Star Bar, I think they eventually reverted to Star Bar (still around) due to flagging sales!
Dan Haines

Booty Bags

Can you tell me if they still do booty bags - you used to get lollys and blackjacks, refreshers and other chewy and boiled sweets and a little sticker in them. Was talking about the the other day and would love to get hold of some more.Terri

Border Cream Eggs

Many years ago - more than I care to remember, one could buy a small, egg shaped chocolate in two halves. They were made by Cadbury and were called Border Cream Eggs. The centre was available for a while in the Roses Assortment, but I don't know if it still is. They were much, much nicer than those horrible over-sweet Creme Eggs that are now available. Do you know what happened to them? Yrs. J.M.
Made as a companion line to creme eggs - we sold them in our shop - they were filled with a chocolate creme and were discontinued approx 10 years ago

Bournevita Bar

Basically as the name suggests a bar of chocolate (made like a thin Wispa) with a heavy taste of Bournevita (a malt drink-just add hot milk), I used to eat the drink by the spoonful-until the Bar came out that is ...Nice!
Thats Bournvita, but Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes , very nice

Box Of chocolates

Can you remember the box of chocolates called Weekend?


Hard boiled sweets, blackcurrant in flavour, in shape of brambles.

Brandy balls

These were fab boiled sweets and are still made by Campbells I think. As the name suggests they were brandy flavoured and round and were red in colour. Yummy!
These sweets are not brandy flavoured - they are cinnamon flavoured - they are also produced by a company called Rafflers,Flush Park, Lisburn, Co Antrim, BT28 2DX. (These are my favourite sweet).

Brandy Balls

A Bolied sweet brown in colour common in Northern Ireland.

Brandy Balls

Common in Northern Ireland. Hard boiled sweets with brandy flavour....

Brandy bottles

Like a cola bottle just with a brandy taste.......

Brilliant products Brilliant service

I have just received my order from 'AQuarterof' and I have to say it is perfect! All the sweets have bought back so many memories. The parcel arrived at my office this morning and I showed it to my colleagues. They are all now asking for your website link! My sister will love her gift that I bought from your site. Thank you for the brilliant products and the brilliant service. Many Thanks Louis

Brilliant Service

I have just received my first order from you and felt compelled to contact you and say thank you so much for the brilliant service. How wonderful to be transported back to my childhood by the familiar aromas of all my old favourites, especially the Grays Tea Cakes, which my Nana used to sell in her general shop so many years ago. Also the Toffee Swirls which my other Nanny used to give to me and my sister every Saturday as a treat. Jean

brilliant service

Hi my order arrived today brilliant service highly recommended thanks a lot. Regards Roger P.S. sweets were excellent

Brilliant Site and Service

Just wanted to say how fantastic the 60s Retro Box is. I ordered one for my boyfriends birthday and not only did it arrive super quickly, its absolutely full to the brim. The only problem I have is trying to squeeze it all back into the box after my sneak peek. Brilliant Site and Service Maria


What a BRILLIANT ! web site. Will visit you shortly with order. BRILLIANT! Mike


Thank you for an easy to order from web-site, super-sonic delivery and gorgeous blast from the past sweets AND they are in paper bags,even the prices are old fashioned! BRILLIANT! Sharon


Saw Spangles on your websit and got excited only to find out you can't get them. I used to love sucking these sweets until they disappeared on my tongue. My mum gets travel sick and when we were young she used to buy us Spangles to suck on the bus if we were going to our nearest big city. They don't even make Tunes in the same shape any more and they are in a little box that opens all over your bag as it doesn't close properly once opened. BRING BACK THE SPANGLE.

Bring Back The Wispa

please please please can you find out what ever happen to the wispa bar only the other day we were talking about this in work can you get it cadburys have stoped doing this and replaced it with a ba
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