Spangles - Just in case you need reminding, they were square sweets with rounded corners and a dimple in the middle of each side, they were wrapped and they came in a tube (a bit like Tunes really but without the 'make you breathe more easily' bit!). 

Spangles, like Tunes, were made by Mars (also culprits for the great 'Let's rename Opal Fruits as Starburst' horror... I don't know about you but I haven't touched one since that happened').

The writing on the Spangles packet was very 1970's (I think it changed through the years though) - it always reminded me of 70's TV show Magpie (if you know what I mean).

Original Spangles came in with a selection of different flavours... and then there were Old English Spangles, where the flavours were of traditional boiled sweets including butterscotch, liquorice and pear drop.

There were also single flavour packs - acid drop, tangerine, mint, blackcurrant and glucose barley being some of the flavours that we know of.  Maybe you remember others?

Thanks to Angie for contacting us with this little poem which sums up so much...

Where oh where did my Spangles go
I loved old English they were the best you know
And Jubblies and Sweet Tobacco and Lucky Bags too
Then of course there was also the great 1d (that's penny for all you young uns) chew,
My poor kids only know the latest sweets
They're not as good as my favourite treats.
So bring back the flavours we used to enjoy
We never suffered from ADHD when we were young girls and boys!!!!