Whatever Happened To?

Whatever Happened to...?

We get lots of requests to add sweets to A Quarter Of. While we try to find as many as we can to add to A Quarter Of..., many of the favourites from the old fashiioned sweet shops have disappeared. We thought it would be a good idea to set up a page of the most requested sweets and what we understand happened to them... unless you know better (if so please tell us at sales@aquarterof.co.uk).  You can see loads of memories and questions on our main "Whatever Happened To" Page.

Texan Bars

Texan is our most requested chocolate bar. Texan was a chewy nougat centre covered in milk chocolate. It was made by Macintoshes (now part of Nestle). Texan was launched in the mid 1970's and disappeared in the mid 1980's.  It reapppeared for a couple of months around 2005 but is not unavailable again unfortunately.  

Space Dust (aka Popping Candy)

Space Dust was a big favourite in the 1970's. We heard rumours that it had been withdrawn due to stories of people's stomachs exploding because they had swallowed so much of the stuff! (maybe we should start a competition of bizarre sweet related stories. Anyhow, the good news is that you can still enjoy Space Dust Popping Candy here.

Aztec Bar

Made by Cadburys and, we think, launched to coincide with the 1970 World Cup (the one where Brazil scored that fabulous goal - Carlos Alberto I think). Not sure how long it lasted after that - lots of people seem to remember it fondly but it has long since gone.

Nutty Bars

We get lots of requests for these. We remember them well but we don't know what happened to them (or why they would have been withdrawn - they were delicious!!!)


Spangles were made by Mars. They were fruit flavoured square boiled sweets - in a tube (like refreshers). They were taken off the market back in the early 1980's but they were re-introduced in the 1990's due to pupular demand. However it seems that the buying public then remembered why they had not bought Spangles in larger quantities first time around and the sweets were withdrawn again.

Frys Five Centres

This was around in the 1970's (along with a Cadburys bar which was like a box of chocolates in a bar). However it was withdrawn - what remains are the single flavour Frys Chocolate Cream and Frys Peppermint Cream. Sadly Frys Orange Cream is another favourite to have bitten the dust..

Frys Five Boys were the forerunner to Five Centres - with a different boy's face on each piece.

Jap Desserts

Coloured candy on the outside, with coconut on the inside. Again a sweet that we would like to add... but we can't find a manufacturer. Any ideas?


A bit like spearmint Opal Fruits (we refuse to call them Starburst!). They were soft and chewy and delicious. They started off all white and then the manufacturers added 3 green stripes. And then they stopped making them...why oh why???

Mint Cracknell

Another bar that we think was made by Macintoshes. It was a brittle mint centre (lurid green if we remember right) covered in milk chocolate. Not sure when it went... but it surely did - apparently due to difficulties with production. The fact that it used to cut your tongue did not help either!!!