Nostalgic Meanderings

The Worst Biscuits Ever
Do you agree with my controversial list of the worst biscuits ever?

... from an 8 year old's perspective anyway...
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The Best Biscuits Ever?
How many of these can you remember?  Have I left out your favourite?
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Birthday Parties
How many of these memories remind you of birthday parties when you were little?
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I can't believe they still make...
Iconic foods you thought had long since disappeared... or have they???
Whatever Happened To...?
It was one of the staple puddings of school dinners at our junior school.

In the queue I would repeat to myself internally...

"Please don't let it be... please don't let it be..."... willing it with all my might.  What was it?
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Horror Snacks!
I say that these are the most nostalgic snacks ever.

Or am I wrong?  You decide...
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The Iconic Sony Walkman 2
Remember when the coolest cats wore orange foam headphones?
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The Chart Rundown
Did did you do this too on Sunday afternoons?
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My Saviour: A Bic Pen
They wrote well.  They leaked horribly.  But what else were they really good for?  
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CDs: You Could Eat Your Breakfast Off Them... Apparently!
They were unscratchable... and you could smear them with butter and jam, pour coffee over them... wipe'em down and then pay them.

Because Tomorrow's World said so!
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Nostalgic Meanderings
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