Traditional Retro Jars of Sweets

original, traditional, retro sweet jars

Traditional Retro Sweet JarsIt's great to have a bag of your favourite childhood sweets... but I bet what you always really dreamed of was having whole sweet jars of your chosen goodie. What could be better?

Well now you're in luck... because, by popular demand, we are now selling lots of our sweets in the original retro sweetshop sweet jars.

The list is growing all the time... so if you don't see your favourite here just give us a call on 01254 262160 or drop us an email to and tell us what you'd like us to add. We'll do our best to oblige!

So these are the sweets we have in their original retro sweetshop sweet jars... (we also have a selection of sweets in sweetshop boxes too).

plus... custom-made sweetshop style jars of sweets that usually come in boring packaging!

Sadly these days the majority of the sweets don`t come in jars anymore... or even boxes. Lots of the sweets come in incredibly boring, un-nostalgic plastic bags... boo you manufacturers!

So we have taken some of the most popular and requested sweets... and we've made up our own jars. They are great big sweetshop style jars absolutely crammed with sweets (our rule here is... "if it rattles, stuff some more in!")

Feast your eyes on this selection of the original sweetshop jars, plus our own custom-made jars: