Here are our current 100 best-selling, mouthwatering retro sweets.  How many of these vintage sweet classics do you remember chomping on?

Retro Sweets - Why Do We Love Them So Much?

What is it about retro sweets that make us all love them so much?  Why do we go all misty eyed when we start listing the old-fashioned sweets from our childhood... and find that the list goes on and on as other favourites pop into our mind?

You Remember Lots Of Old-Fashioned Sweets From Your Childhood... but you thought they’d stopped making them.

Pretty well everyone remembers sherbet fountains, aniseed balls and space dust - but we bet you haven't seen any of them in any shops for years and years. So surely, you think, they must have stopped making them. Well think again, because they haven't (as you will see from our massive selection at A Quarter Of...) 

But if you think that seeing them is good... just wait until you taste them again.  That's when the nostalgic memories really start flooding back!