Old Fashioned Sweets - You Won't Find a Better Selection

Old Fashioned Sweets

Feast your eyes on these old fashioned sweets... bet you haven't seen some of the for years!  And how long will these old school sweets be around?  We have no idea... so enjoy them while you can.

We have loads of great old fashioned sweets here at A Quarter Of... for you to enjoy.

Remember the traditional sweets that you used to love at your childhood old fashioned sweetshop?  Those traditional favourites in jars that used to line the old sweet shop shelves.  Or maybe the fun stuff - like bubble gum, sherbet fountains or drumstick lollies, that used to be on the counter.  The confectionery classics that you haven't seen for years.

You probably thought they'd stopped making these old fashion sweets... well think again!   While many vintage sweets have sadly disappeared, you can still enjoy loads of the most iconic retro tuck shop classics at AQuarterOf.co.uk - the UK's favourite online sweetshop since 2002 (making us the old sweet shop online!!!).   We don't sell American candy - just the very best old fashioned sweets UK style.

Feast your eyes, and then feast(!) on our best selling old-fashioned sweets:fizzy cola bottles, pink shrimps, fruit salads, cola cubes, black jacks, milk gums, chewing nuts, rhubarb and custard sweets... and hundreds more!  Can't see what you're looking for?  Use the search box at the top of this page. 

With around 500 retro sweets in stock we can confidently say  

"if it's an old-fashioned sweet and they still make it, we'll stock it"

And we deliver super-fast too! 😀