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Here at AQuaterOf.co.uk, we love old fashioned sweets and it's a good job we do because we have so many old fashion sweets for you to enjoy. Do you remember the traditional sweets at your childhood sweetshop? Those classic sweets in jars that used to line the sweet shop shelves with row upon row of favourite vintage sweets. Everything from penny sweets such as Cola Bottles, Pink Shrimps or Black Jacks through to classics such as Sherbet Fountains or Drumstick Lollies that used to sit on the counter. It's odd to think how quickly time flies and even those sweets which were invented in the 1980s are now over 40 years old and can rightly be considered as old fashioned or even retro sweets

You might think that many sweets which were your favourite at school had disappeared but not if we can help it! At AQuarterOf.co.uk we specialise in finding those old fashioned sweets you may have thought had disappeared for good, if they still make it then we will stock it. You can revisit all of your childhood favourites with us and find all the traditional sweets that you used to love at your childhood old fashioned sweetshop.

Whilst some of our favourite vintage sweets have sadly left us and disappeared from our shelves, you can still enjoy loads of the most iconic retro tuck shop classics at AQuarterOf.co.uk - the UK's favourite online sweetshop since 2002, which makes us the old sweet shop online, full of your favourite old fashioned sweets!

We don't sell American-style Candy, just the very best old fashioned sweets, British style. All the favourite classic British sweets from your childhood such as Jelly Babies, Liquorice Allsorts and Dolly Mixtures.

We have loads of great old fashioned sweets here at AQuarterOf... for you to enjoy. We don't know who long some of these will be around for so grab them whilst you can. So if you are a sweet lover (and who isn't) then take a look and feast your eyes on our best-selling old fashioned sweets. We've got everything you can think of, Aniseed Balls, Flying Saucers, Popping Candy, White Mice, Fizzy Cola Bottles or Rhubarb and Custards. With over 500 varieties of old fashioned sweets, we can confidently say you'll find vintage sweets that remind you of your school days. Retro sweets which will make a great gift, or simply some old fashioned sweets to munch yourself. 

Whilst the traditional sweetshops may be long gone apart from some of the old seaside resorts, you can have the sweetshop experience without leaving your home. Not only can you buy your favourite old fashioned sweets whilst sat in front of the TV but with our fast delivery, they'll be with you in no time at all when you order sweets from AQuarterOf.co.uk.

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 With around 500 retro sweets in stock we can confidently say  

"if it's an old-fashioned sweet and they still make it, we'll stock it"

And we deliver super-fast too! 😀

The term 'old fashioned sweets' can sometimes feel limiting because lots of us still think that 1990 was 10 years ago, but not here at A Quarter Of! Here, we specialise in revisiting the favourites of your past and classic sweets that bring back sweet memories of childhood. We’ve compiled some of our favourite old fashioned sweets to take you right back to your childhood.

Aniseed Balls are the true definition of old fashioned sweets. Created in the early 1900s these were popular with children during both world wars and so today are often strongly associated with our grandparents. Aniseed is an acquired taste, like the marmite of sweets, but they are a firm favourite with many. If you’re amongst those who love these classic vintage sweets then we have them by the bucketload.

Calling Flying Saucers 'old fashioned sweets' makes us feel old as these were a firm favourite for us when we were at school. However, they were invented in Belgium way back in the 1950s. Comprising of rice paper and a tasty sherbet surprise in the centre, we think the Flying Saucers are truly out of this world (yes, we went there!) and the ultimate in old fashioned sweets.

Another old fashioned sweet surprise for us is Fruit Salads. A staple during any respected childhood and a firm pick and mix favourite, yet they date back to 1920! A delicious blend of Raspberry and Pineapple, Fruit Salads are still a firm vintage favourite, thanks to their mouth-watering fruity flavour.

We can't talk about old fashioned sweets, mention Fruit Salads, and not talk about BlackJacks. Certainly more controversial than the sweeter Fruit Salads, these old fashioned sweets are another aniseed fan favourite. These were perfect for playing pranks on your friends as they turned your tongue black! The aniseed flavour is one of the oldest flavours of sweet dating back to the Egyptians so it doesn’t get much more old fashioned than that.

When it comes to old fashioned sweets, Rhubarb and Custard sweets is hard to beat for the best flavour combination. The confectionary version combines this tangy vegetable (yes, vegetable, we checked) with sweet vanilla flavoured custard, to create a classic taste that brings back fond memories. A truly iconic old fashioned sweet.

Jazzies and Snowies are multicoloured old fashioned sweet treats that have many names, Jazz Drops, Jazzles, Sno-Caps and Chocolate Freckles. Here at AQuarterOf, we know them as Jazzies and Snowies. The 'jazz' part of their name fondly refers to their jazzy exterior with bright colours on both the milk chocolate and white chocolate versions. They may be old fashioned, but they are delicious nonetheless.

A close friend of the classic Cola Cube, Pineapple Cubes are vintage sweet which is a firm favourite among all ages. Before pineapples were popular for eating, they were a symbol of status, people often used them as table decorations to show off their wealth. Well, we think our Pineapple Cubes and Cola Cubes will be the best you've ever tasted so for the ultimate retro sweet which takes you back to your childhood get some quick!

They always say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, well why do you need to? These old fashioned sweets are a perfect example of why the classics are exactly that and why we expect they’ll remain firmly in the sweet-os-phere for many years to come.