Wedding Favour Sweets

Giving the gift of wedding favour sweets is an important part of any marriage celebration. Wedding favour chocolates, nuts or sweets left on the table for guests represents the centuries old symbol of love of the couple and the appreciation of support of those attending the happy occasion.

Themed weddings are now more popular than ever and here at A Quarter Of, we receive many requests for specific wedding favour sweets which are either a particular shape, colour or are linked in some way to the day itself. We’re more than happy to help out with our bespoke range of ideas such as personalised mop top glass jars which can be filled with any items from our range of over 650 items through to sending you white paper bags to fill with our penny mix treats.

For the bride and groom who want something really special, they can opt for seaside rock which has their names running through the inside. We can then break into chunks and pop into the glass jars or supply as the long, clear-wrapped traditional sticks. They are always a talking point and are an innovative way to put an even larger smile on everyone’s faces.

If you want to be a little more quirky, how about wedding favour chocolates or sweets to share? Rather than small, individual gifts, we can fill large, traditionally shaped sweet shop jars with your choices and then have one per table to be eaten throughout the day and night.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer retro penny sweets, jelly beans, foil covered chocolate hearts of the availability of hundreds of Drumstick lollies, we will happily create the wedding favours for you or provide the sweets if you want to pack them into bags you’ve made yourself.

Nothing is too much trouble when you want to put together an order to make your day that extra bit special. We love to be part of wedding plans so whatever colour theme you have decided on or the kind of food you want guests to enjoy, contact us today and we can help you to create the best wedding favours ever seen – and eaten.