Wedding Favour Boxes

Arranging wedding favours is a great part of the marriage planning. Choosing what to give to each guest is an incredibly personal decision and conveys love, thanks and a part of your own personality.

Choose to give sweets such as chocolates, penny chews or traditional sugared almonds and the gift will be even more appreciated. Your guests will be transported back to a time when they went to the sweet shop as a child and carefully selected different items such as foil wrapped chocolate caramels, Kola Kubes or boiled sweets to have as a treat for themselves or to give as small gifts of love to perhaps their best friends or someone who was particularly special to them.

Choosing how to give the favour means considering the packaging. There’s a range available such as personalised glass jars, as wedding favour boxes, in large sweet shop jars to display on the table or at a pick and mix dessert buffet or by having them sent ready wrapped to pop into traditional white paper bags.

One idea which is particularly popular with couples wanting something a little different is to present wedding favour boxes of seaside rock with the name of the bride and groom running through it. We need to have a minimum order but as it’s a gift which can be kept for posterity it’s something to consider choosing even for a small number of guests; we know they would love more than one stick each to take home!

A great way to make your order is to sit down with your intended and both choose those which have the best memories for you. Perhaps you always chose Barratts Shrimps, sherbet and aniseed balls and your partner would only fill a bag with fudge, marshmallows and bubble gum. Mix them all together so your guests have a little something which is meaningful to you both. Combine these with a small card which explains not only your thanks for attending but why each sweet is special to you and they will taste even more delicious than they usually do. This is because the guests will be sharing your love for specific sugary treats.

If you want that something a little bit special for your wedding favours, talk to us today. We can help with ideas if you need some assistance or let know you how we can realise your wedding favour dreams.

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