Wedding Favour Bags

Planning a wedding means undertaking lots of large and small tasks to ensure it all goes smoothly on the day.

One part of every modern celebration is the giving of wedding favours and often they will be sugared almonds, treats made from chocolate or will be a great mix of retro penny sweets.

There’s lots of ways to give the token of love and appreciation favours represent and wedding favour bags can take many forms.

You may want to surprise your guests with the contents and carry on the retro theme if you’re having a vintage style event. A Quarter Of can supply your order wrapped in individual clear plastic bags for hygiene and supply you with the little white bags so you can pop them in and fold the edges; just as they used to be when you bought them at the sweet shop with your weekly pocket money. This is a really simple but incredibly effective idea as everyone will be excited to know what is inside and also to relive their childhood memories of buying jelly beans, white mice or chocolate coins for themselves.

You may have already purchased or made some beautiful drawstring bags to place the sweets into, but if not, a lovely idea instead of wedding favour bags is to have wedding favour glass jars. A Quarter Of can supply your chosen scrumptious treats in a mop top glass jar and we’ll even personalise each one for you. We will happily fill the jars with any sweets you choose; ones of a particular colour perhaps to tie in with your wedding theme, or perhaps some from our ever popular penny mix range. We have over 650 different sweets to choose from so there are lots of perennial favourites.

There’s nothing to say that wedding favours have to be shared in individual packages. Why not let everyone have fun choosing their childhood favourites or tucking into a huge container of chocolates by ordering a traditional sweet shop jar full to the brim with goodies. Place one on each table with a note of thanks and you’ll see the enjoyment of unwrapping bite size pieces of pleasure during the party.

All you need to do now is let your imagination run wild and think back to your own childhood trips to the sweet shop. Order today and we can even help with speedy next day delivery. Being part of such an important day is something we all love to help with here at A Quarter Of and we look forward to receiving your order.