Secret Sale

Secret Sale Exclusive To Our Mailing List Members and While Stocks Last

I won't fib, Christmas is a very difficult time for stock control when you're running an online sweetshop.

We want to get plenty of stock in, so that we don't run out too fast. But not too much, so there isn't stock left over.

This year we've done pretty well, but we do have some items which it looks like we might have a few too many of, and which are particularly Christmassy (and about as useful as a chocolate teapot after the big day).

So, we thought that, for the first time ever, we'd hold a secret sale, exclusive to our mailing list (all 49,703 of you!) to thank you for your support and so that we can clear our shelves.

It's a cheesy, corny thing to say (but in this case it really is absolutely true) but stocks really are very limited and, once we're out of an item, we definitely won't be able to get any more of it in... so if you see something you'd like, please order it before it disappears. Also, there is a chance that if you delay ordering we may have to email to say that we've sold out already and offer you a replacement or a refund.

PS If anything is still left in stock after Monday, we'll throw the offer open to all customers, not just our mailing list members.

Genuine Customer Comments
Denise Hawkins
5 out of 5 Stars!

"Perfect sweets, arrived really quickly, well packaged. In fact they are so lovely I kept one of the gifts for myself! 🤤"

Denise Hawkins
5 out of 5 Stars!

"It is like actually shopping in a real sweet shop, the sweets are authentic. Delivery is very quick."

Daniel Martin
5 out of 5 Stars!

"Really great idea for a business and a nice way to cheer someone up without breaking the bank. Delivery was much quicker than expected too."

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