The Most Popular Retro Sweets....Ever!

Sweets....everybody has got their own favourite. There is truly something for all tastes and palettes out there, and walking down the confectionery aisle in a supermarket is an assault on the senses (in a good way) – visually and nasally.

But the excitement really ramps up a few notches when talk turns to retro sweets. Not the reproductions you see in your local stores. Oh no, we’re talking about the real deal from the much-missed Great British sweetshop. From the tongue twisting tang of the Cola Bottle to the sugary whizz of the Flying Saucer, for many of us the golden age of confectionary came during yesteryear.

These vintage classics conjure up wonderfully nostalgic memories of trips to the sweetshop, the cheeky 20p mix that your grandma bought you but told you not to tell your parents about, the rewards for cleaning dad’s car or doing the washing up. Each sweet has its own story; its own place in history.

And like all good things from the passage of time, the popularity of retro sweets seems to be increasing, not dwindling. Whether it is to relive those school days (they really are the best years of your life kids) or simply because of the lip-smacking taste, the demand for classic sweeties lives on in abundance.
Popular Retro Sweets

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