How To Shop In Our Fab Sweetshop

It couldn't be much easier to shop at A Quarter Of...

If you know exactly what you want... and you just want to dart in and out... you can do that no problem... our record from start to finish is about a minute... so it must be easy!

Or if you just want to take your time mooching and nostalging... we've done everything we can possibly think of to make the whole experience as easy and fun as possible... and we bet you see some sweets that you had long since forgotten on your travels.

So how do you do it?

1) find A Sweet Using the Bright Red Menu Bar
The best way to do this is using the menu at the top of this page... if you move your cursor over it you'll see a whole range of options fly out like magic - showing just how spoilt for choice you are!

As you'll see the Bright Red Menu Bar doesn't just let you choose by the sweet type... but also by the maker of the sweet (where we know it) and also by the flavour (we're far too good to you!!)

Alternatively You Can Use the Search Box (my favourite!)
You can be specific in there if you want a sweet in particular e.g. Sherbet Fountain... or you can just put in a broad word like Coconut... to see everything we have remotely Coconutty.

The search box is just above the bright red menu bar to the right - you can see it in the screenshot above.

2) Add the Sweet to your basket (we give you a Big Blue Button for doing this)

3) Repeat steps 1) and 2) as often as you like!

4) Go to the checkout - using a Big Blue Button on your basket... or there's always a link near the top right of every page.

5) Tell us who you are (either log in if you are an existing customer or use our easy form to tell us).

6) Tell us where you want the sweets to be sent - it can any address you like, it doean't have to be yours... and how you want them shipped.

7) Pay for them - debit or credit card is great (it's ultra secure so you don't need to fret), or cheque... or pay on the phone if you feel happier that way. Oh and you can add a gift message here too.

8) Double check the order confirmation to make sure that everything is ticketyboo

9) There is no 9! That's it... by now we'll have your order and it will be sent out as quickly as we can possibly manage it!

If you need help at any time... just give us a call on 01254 262160. We're awfully helpful!