When I was a boy the term 'gifts for teachers' wasn't one that we used very often. But then again, back in the 1970's, a lot of things were very different.

Teacher Gifts

Gifts For Teachers - Isn't Than Another Way Of Saying 'Apples'?

Come to think of it, the only thing anyone ever meant when they talked about 'gifts for teachers' were apples. And, even if you did want to give your teacher such a fruity gift, you certainly wouldn't want any of your classmates to know about it... or you'd be sure to be labelled as teacher's pet... or a lot worse!

How things have changed in .

No longer is it 'not the done thing' to be giving presents to your schoolteachers, more often than not now it is something that you positively, absolutely have to do.

After all, you don't want to be the only person NOT to give a gift... now do you?

And it's become a competitive situation (and no... the shiniest apple doesn't win the day anymore!), just like party bags at, well, parties... everyone is vying to give teacher the gift that he or she will like the most.

TOP TIP - When It Comes To Gifts For Teachers Make Yours Stand Out, Don't Be Bland Or Boring

Gift For School TeachersApparently they are thinking of making 'choosing the best gifts for teachers' an Olympic sport soon - that's how incredibly competitive gift-giving has become!

But what can you buy that is a bit different, most importantly that the educator in question will love (and remember... after all, what's the point of giving a schoolteacher a gift if it just blends in with all of the other tokens that they have received?)... and that won't break the bank.

Luckily for you... we have the answer... our fabulous personalised gift jars.

What makes them so good? Here are our top 3 reasons:

1) Top of the list, your teacher will love your gift to bits!

And isn't that the whole point of giving a gift in the first place?

Gift Ideas For TeachersAfter all you are whisking the teacher, who is surrounded by children all day, back to their own school days - when they were either scuffing their shoes (and ripping the knees of their long trousers in the winter) playing football with a tennis ball in the playground, or singing those uniquely schoolgirl-ish chanting songs when playing those communal skipping games.

You'll be giving them a taste of their childhood (nice play on words there I thought!) with the sweets they loved to buy from their local sweetshop - sweets that they probably haven't seen since.

2) You can add your own message to the jar, using one of our fab label designs.

So there's no need for a card... the jar of sweets is your card... and a much tastier one too (believe me, I can speak from experience there!)

3) And every time your teacher opens the jar to savour one of the nostalgic, retro taste sensations, what will they see? Your message.

Presents For TeachersIt's just the same as how book tokens (how old-fashioned do book tokens seem now? Come to think of it, they felt pretty old fashioned back in 1975 too - it always felt like being given a present by someone who didn't want you to have too much fun with it!) were described when I was young... 'the gift that keeps on giving!'

Gifts For Your Teachers That Win Hands Down...

Bottom line... of all of the gifts for teachers around, if you give them one of our personalised jars then they will love yours the most... by miles! They are unique gifts, filled with everyone's favourite sweets - and they feature your own special message - so maximum brownie points for you all round!