Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts

  • Gelatine Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial colours

£3.87 for 200 grams (7.07 oz)

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See the ALLERGENS & NUTRITIONAL INFO. tab below for further ingredients' details

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Chocolate Brazil Nuts are the perfect indulgent sweet, either as a moreish treat for yourself, or a luxurious gift for friends and family. Encased in a smooth, thick coating of high-quality milk chocolate, these Chocolate Brazil nuts are guaranteed to satisfy all of your nutty cravings!

Our Milk Chocolate Brazils are Gelatine Free and Gluten Free so they're suitable for both Coeliacs and Vegetarians. With no artificial flavours or colours, these are suitable for the whole family (although if you do have a nut allergy, I would stay clear of these!).

For the perfect treat, buy a bag of our chocolate-covered raisins and enjoy both together! Our Chocolate Brazil Nuts are available in both convenient weighed out bags and jumbo 3kg bags too.  So why not satisfy your cravings and stock up now?



MILK Chocolate, Sugar, MILK Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Whey Powder, Emulsifier, Sunflower Lecithin, Glazing Agents, Gum Arabic, E904: Shellac, Brazil Nuts. Allergens: MILK, NUTS

This item contains the following per 100g:

Energy (kj): 2401
Energy (kcal): 577
Fat (g): 40.8
Saturated Fat (g): 18
Carbohydrate (g): 42.5
of which Sugars (g): 41.9
Protein (g): 9.4
Salt (g): 0.2

Are Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts Vegetarian

There's no gelatine in this sweet but it may contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

Are Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts Vegan

No, this sweet is not Vegan.

Are Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts Gluten Free

Yes, there are no ingredients containing gluten in this sweet - it is Coeliac or Celiac friendly.
Customer Reviews





WE fight over these every time they come, so yummy





i bought these for christmas




Originally coming from South America, the humble Brazil Nut has been a symbol of wealth and social status for centuries. The Brazil nut had been a favoured part of luxurious banquets back in the reign of Henry VIII. Servants would bring huge platters of fruits and nuts from all over the world and there was nothing like the Brazil nut grown in England or Europe - they were a rare and expensive delicacy.

Back in the 17th century when cocoa and chocolate were first regularly exported to England, the Chocolate Brazil Nut was first introduced. Combined with chocolate; the Chocolate Coated Brazil nut was viewed as the ultimate high-status gourmet snack. Although the irony is that most people in the 16th century couldn't physically bite into the nut as their dental practices back then were not the greatest!

Benefits of Brazil Nuts:

If you still need convincing to treat yourself, there are many benefits to eating the humble Brazil nut 
  • Packed full to the brim of nutrients and essential healthy fats
  • Rich in Selenium, a nutrient that the body needs to function properly with the average nut containing 175% of your daily requirement
  • Supports thyroid function. Selenium is needed for your thyroids to function properly and just one brazil nut has enough to fulfil your recommended daily intake
  • Rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E and so can help reduce inflammation if eaten regularly
  • Good for your heart, by eating Brazil Nuts, your body's cholesterol levels can reduce alongside the risk of heart disease
So why not enjoy these well-known nuts, smothered in milk chocolate, and sit back knowing you are fully justified to eat a full bag to yourself!

Traditionally, chocolate Brazil nuts are often popular around Christmas time, either as a seasonal gift or simply to sit and munch together as a family. Whilst we love enjoying these around the Christmas season, and they are a fantastic gift (who wouldn't want to receive some?) you can also enjoy these throughout the year, whenever you fancy.

Just be careful to eat them before they melt in Summer!