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Pineapple Cubes: The Best You've Ever Tasted

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Spanish Gold Sweet Tobacco

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Stunning Fathers Day Presents Ideas

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

With hundreds of quality retro sweets (no cheap, nasty copies here!) in stock we have a huge range of perfect and inexpensive present ideas for Fathers Day. So this year buy him something more exciting and unusual than the bog standard Fathers Day offerings.

After all... all Dads love their sweets... especially the ones they remember from when they were young! He'll love feasting on his childhood favourites on Fathers Day. And, if you're lucky, maybe he'll share them with you too.

The sweets below are just a selection of what we have... we're sure they will give you a good idea for creating not just a good gift for your Dad but the best, and tastiest, Fathers Day treat that he's ever received.

And if you're stuck for ideas, why not choose one of our Great Dad Fathers Day Feast Selection Boxes? They are always popular gifts.

Or one of our Luxury Boxes of Nostalgia or Decade Boxes (those will really take him back to the visits to the sweetshop on the way to school, or the tuck shop!)

Or choose one of our stunning new personalised boxes, jars or tubs. You can pick from over 20 different designs for your label and you can add your own unique message.

He'll love it and it will really make it his Fathers Day present ever.