Cadburys Creme Eggs

Cadburys Creme Eggs

(Milk Chocolate Egg With A Soft Fondant Centre)

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Cadburys Crème Eggs are a British Classic, a firm favourite for over 50 years. The thick, Cadbury’s milk chocolate, soft fondant centre, and instantly recognisable shape make Crème Eggs and a firm favourite since being launched in 1963.

Of course, the question everyone asks is ‘How do you eat yours?’ but whether you bite and lick, nibble delicately or just chomp it down in one go, the important thing is that everyone gets their Crème Egg fix each year!

We love them at A Quarter Of and we know you do too, not only a childhood classic but a British institution.


what are the ingredients in a cadbury creme egg

Sugar, MILK, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Invert Sugar Syrup, Whey Powder, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Palm Fat, Emulsifier( E442) Dried EGG White. Allergens: MILK, EGG

Are Cadbury Creme Eggs Suitable For Vegetarians

There's no gelatine in this sweet but it may contain non-vegetarian ingredients.

Are Cadbury Creme Eggs Vegan

No, this sweet is not Vegan.

Are Cadbury Creme Eggs Gluten Free Uk

No, this sweet contains gluten and is not suitable for people with Coeliac or Celiac Disease.
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Over 300 million of these chocolate eggs are sold each year, making the Cadbury Crème Egg the bestselling single unit chocolate product between January and Easter…and we can see why! Believe it or not, if each Crème Egg produced in a single year were placed on top of each other, it would reach ten times higher than Mount Everest!

Today, Crème Eggs remain a favourite at Easter, along with chocolate speckled eggs, so what are you waiting for, they won’t be available forever.

Cadbury Crème Egg history

In 1923 the Cadbury brothers created a filled chocolate egg but the classic Crème Egg we all know, and love was introduced in 1963 as the Fry’s Chocolate Egg. In 1971 they were rebranded as the Cadburys Crème Egg and an instant British favourite was born.

Originally Crème Eggs came in green, blue, red, and yellow packaging but early in the early 2000s, this was changed to now-famous red, purple, and yellow which is instantly recognisable as our favourite Easter treat.

In 2008 the Cadbury Twister Chocolate Bar was born and finally, we were able to get our Crème Egg fix all year round. Having our Crème Egg fix available throughout the year is fantastic, but let’s be honest, nothing quite matches the gooey, egg-shaped goodness of the original Cadbury Crème Egg.

In 2014 Canadian Peter Czerwinski broke the Guinness World Record for eating the most Crème Eggs one minute with six consumed in 60 seconds, that’s eggs-cellent!

There’s a common misconception that Crème Eggs are getting smaller in recent years. However, in 1977, the weight of a single Cadbury Crème Egg was 34 grams. Today a single egg is 40 grams of chocolatey goodness, that’s an increase of 17%...perhaps they just appeared bigger when we were children?

How are Crème Eggs made?

Crème Eggs are formed in two moulds, each a half-egg shape. Firstly, Chocolate is poured into these moulds and then filled with white fondant. Not only does this mimic the egg white, but it also pushes the chocolate to fill the moulds to create that classic shape.

Finally, a dash of yellow fondant, made from sugar syrup, is then added on top to create the egg yolk. The two halves are quickly snapped together in the mould and cooled to create the perfect egg before being wrapped in the well-known foil packaging and shipped all over the world.

How do you eat yours?

In 1985, one of the most famous chocolate advertising campaigns was launched, one that we all know, and which is still being used in recent years. Of course, we’re talking about the How do you eat yours? campaign which invited people to think about the different ways the Crème Egg could be eaten.

According to a Cadbury customer survey, 53% of people simply bite off the top, lick out the goo before eating the chocolate shell. 1 in 5 will simply chomp their way through whilst 16% of people scoop out the yummy fondant centre using their finger first.

However you eat yours, it remains a hotly debated subject each Easter time and we’re in doubt that when friends or family see you chomping on a Crème Egg you’ll get asked the age-old question. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way (whatever people may say) so make sure you take your time and savour every moment!

How many calories are in a Crème Egg?

OK, we’ll be honest, a single Cadbury Crème Egg contains 177 calories, meaning they’re not the healthiest treat. But, on the flip side, they do contain 2% of your daily recommended calcium intake so it’s not all bad news. Plus, they’re only available a few months each year so go ahead, treat yourself!

Crème Egg Recipes

The Crème Egg is versatile chocolate, not only are these eaten as a yummy chocolate, gooey treat but they can also be used in some amazing baking recipes. From delicious brownies, traybakes, and rocky road to cakes, the Cadbury Crème Egg can help to create any number of baked treats…allowing you to eat yours in entirely new and exciting ways.

Our box of five Crème Eggs is perfect for the home baker, allowing you to experiment in the kitchen and perhaps even keep one as a post-baking treat!


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