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Whizzer & Chips Special Edition Comic

Whizzer & Chips Special Edition Comic

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Whizzer & Chips Special Edition Comic  - ***LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR'S ITEM***

This is something we've been working on for a long time.  To celebrate our 10th Birthday, we've teamed up with Whizzer & Chips and created a special limited edition re-run of the FIRST EVER WHIZZER & CHIPS COMIC (from 1969).  Pretty cool eh?

You see, Whizzer & Chips has always been a big influence.  We all remembered reading it when we were little, and since we started AQuarterOf.co.uk we've always worked with one of the original Whizzer & Chips cartoonists, Colin Whittock.  He's a real superstar and he's the one who draws all the brilliant cartoons you see on the site.

When Whizzer & Chips folded in 1990 we were absolutely gutted, so ever since we started A Quarter Of we've always had secret ambitions of doing something special with our favourite childhood comic. Our 10th Birthday seemed like the perfect time to do it.  We hope you enjoy another little trip down memory lane.

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Nice edition





Very cool


De Burgo



A great way to forget the troubles in the world.

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