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Sweet Peanut Twists

Sweet Peanut Twists

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gelatine Free
  • Gluten Free

£2.97 for 200g (7.7oz)

Unfortunately the manufacturer of this product prohibits us from shipping it to the United States.
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See the ALLERGENS & NUTRITIONAL INFO. tab below for further ingredients' details

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Sweet Peanut Twists - Sweet Peanuts were one of those sweets that instantly transports you back to the sweetshop round the corner.
We get stacks of people asking for these, unfortunately, we cannot get the originals back but have found these as the nearest replacement.

Alas they are not Peanut shaped, but Twists instaed, everything else though is pretty much the same, the flavour, colour and taste.

They're really delicious: a crisp sweet peanut & cream (with a hint of Butterscotch) flavoured boiled sweet 



Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Salt. Colours: E100, E160c, E150

This item contains the following per 100g:

Energy (kj): 1688
Energy (kcal): 398
Fat (g): 0.0
Saturated Fat (g): 0.0
Carbohydrate (g): 99.0
of which Sugars (g): 80.0
Protein (g): 0.0
Salt (g): 0.68

Are Sweet Peanut Twists Vegetarian

Yes, there's no gelatine or any other non-vegetarian ingredient in this sweet.

Are Sweet Peanut Twists Vegan

Yes, there are no ingredients in this sweet which are derived from animals.

Are Sweet Peanut Twists Gluten Free

Yes, there are no ingredients containing gluten in this sweet - it is Coeliac or Celiac friendly.
Customer Reviews





These aren't what I was expecting I'm afraid. The sweet itself is a hardboiled sweet that doesn't taste of peanut - 'm sorry but the original sweet peanut is completely different from this. A fat raw peanut case in a shell shape, with a soft centre made up of actual peanut. Sorry - perhaps I didn't read the description properly but this isn't the classic I remember & I won't be buying them again.



Excellent quality and recieved quickly would buy again



Not yet eaten