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Send a personalised gift with your own special message.  Choose from over 40 stunning designs including...

Personalised Gifts For Women

Personalised Gifts For WomenLooking to add your own special message to your gift? The our personalised gifts for women are just perfect for you.

Whether you want something retro or fun... cheeky or classic, or if you want the lovely glossy personalised label to tell your Mum just how much you love her... these personalised jars and boxes are spot on.

The labels are all gorgeously glossy - they look superb!

What's in the personalised jars of sweets? Each jar contains stunning selection of our 20 most popular retro sweets... from Fruit Salads to The Best Pineapple Chunks You've Ever Tasted, Candy Necklaces to Love Hearts... we've even added in 5 sachets of Space Dust!