Lucky Dip Mega Box (£30+ of Mixed Sweets For £20)

Lucky Dip Mega Box (£30+ of Mixed Sweets For £20)

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£20.00 for 1 lucky dip box

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It's the best value box you can buy on!

You won't know for certain what will be in the cartoony box (how exciting!) but you can be sure that it will be a varied selection containing boiled sweets, chewy sweets and a load more. 

And fret not we won't fill the box up with a load of the same sweets... there will be no more than 1 of our standard orders of any sweet... so you'll get a really good selection.

And the contents will be worth £30 at standard prices... at the very least... so for £20 it's an utter bargain!

Filleth thy boots!
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