Take Advantage Of The Special "Early Christmas Shopping" Offers On Many Of Our Best Retro Sweet Selection Boxes
the best christmas retro sweets online

New Personalisation Options For Christmas 2015

We've added 6 new designs (3 with maximum AHHHHHHH factor) so whether you're looking for cute or traditional, cartoony or photo... you're certain to find the perfect design for your personalised message, no matter who you're buying for.

And with personalised gifts starting at under £10, and over 40 designs to choose from, it's cheaper and easier than ever to pick the perfect combination for your special message. 
Jolly SnowmanSanta PawsBeach SnowmanSnoozing ReindogKissing SantaSleeping Santas

Take a look for yourself at our personalised gifts department now.

How To Make Your Christmas Easier

  1. Stuck for one of those "hard to buy for" people?  Choose one of our stunning selection boxes or jars - everyone loves retro sweets.

  2. On a budget?  Take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide, with prices starting under £5.

  3. Need to send to a different address?  No problem... just enter it at the checkout.

  4. Escape the "last minute shopping" frenzy.  Order a couple of extras to use in emergencies (when someone you didn't expect buys you a gift)

  5. Hate the slog of wrapping presents?  Take advantage of our gift-boxing service and you won't have to wrap anything! (simply choose the option at the checkout)

  6. Buying for an older person?  Choose one of our nostalgic decade boxes - pick from 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Take a look at the Gift You Don't Need To Wrap!  - new for Christmas 2015

Make Your Gift Even Better...

Personalise it with your own special message printed on a stunning, luxuriously glossy, festive label.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Simply... 
  1. pick any of our personalised gift ideas (they start at under £10)
  2. choose your label (choose from over 40 stunning designs... including 21 especially for Christmas!)
  3. add your text... (you get plenty of space!)
and you're done! 

You can even preview your message onscreen to ensure that everything is spot-on.

See the personalised gifts and the gorgeous label options.

Endangered Sweet Classics

The manufacturers have told us that these favourites are currently unavailable. Sadly more and more retro sweets are disappearing forever.

We hope these will be back at some time in 2016... but we can't be certain.

Our advice: buy them now, while you still can.

Buy Them While You Can...

Stocking Fillers

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What's New?

Personalised Gifts

Whether you’re reliving your childhood by choosing your favourite retro sweets or you’ve decided to introduce younger generations to old fashioned sweets, A Quarter Of has everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

From Flying Saucers, Drumstick lollies and Space Dust through to Aniseed Balls, Cinder Toffee and Sherbet Pips, every memory of your youth is here for you to rediscover. Traditional sweets can be delivered as fast as the next day direct to your doorstep to either share with friends and family or to keep all to yourself as a special treat.

Whilst you may be too old for pocket money now, you’re never too old to enjoy the flavours and sensations of sweets from years gone by; sweet or sour, chewy or crunchy they will be sent to you picked and wrapped with love. You’ll even be able to enjoy the excitement of opening up the contents as everything comes packed in those little white bags which used to make the trip to the sweet shop even more enticing.

Fill your basket with all your favourites today and treat yourself to a few you’ve never tried before; you’ll be back playing football on the field or making a den in the woods in your mind in no time once you receive your treasure trove of sugary delights.
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Far too well.  

It was a truly horrible time.

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Back in the day I was one of those little boys who owned a Sinclair Spectrum. 

As one of the early adopters of one of these dead flesh keyboard beauts so it was only a 16k entry level machine.  My brother later bought a "super powerful" 48k Spectrum (that's about a billionth of the capacity of your average phone these days). 

From then on I was forever envious at the quality of the games that he could play on his computer (because of its much larger memory) compared to the much more basic efforts that I could play on mine.  (but even then I marvel now at quite how the programmers in the 1980s were able to cram such a lot into such a tiny memory space).
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One of the first films to show Hollywood executives the power of product placement was Spielberg’s film, ET. The use of sweets to coax the extra-terrestrial from his hiding place caused the sales of Reese’s Pieces to shoot through the roof.

A Quarter Of decided to revisit some Hollywood classics and see how the subtle use of product placement could have made these films that much sweeter. Which one would you like to see?
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With so many sweet treats to be had out there, a strong advertising campaign on the telly can be crucial for brands in getting their tasty wares into the eyes and ears (and ultimately the mouths) of the buying public.
Some brands get this part so, so wrong (take note Haribo with this stinker for Super Mix in 2011, whilst – as we can see from our top five - some get it very, very right.
And don’t forget, many of the sweeties listed below are available from A Quarter Of right now!
So, without further ado, here is our top five of TV ad triumphs
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