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Where Will It End?

Back in the day I was one of those little boys who owned a Sinclair Spectrum. 

As one of the early adopters of one of these dead flesh keyboard beauts so it was only a 16k entry level machine.  My brother later bought a "super powerful" 48k Spectrum (that's about a billionth of the capacity of your average phone these days). 

From then on I was forever envious at the quality of the games that he could play on his computer (because of its much larger memory) compared to the much more basic efforts that I could play on mine.  (but even then I marvel now at quite how the programmers in the 1980s were able to cram such a lot into such a tiny memory space).
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One of the first films to show Hollywood executives the power of product placement was Spielberg’s film, ET. The use of sweets to coax the extra-terrestrial from his hiding place caused the sales of Reese’s Pieces to shoot through the roof.

A Quarter Of decided to revisit some Hollywood classics and see how the subtle use of product placement could have made these films that much sweeter. Which one would you like to see?
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With so many sweet treats to be had out there, a strong advertising campaign on the telly can be crucial for brands in getting their tasty wares into the eyes and ears (and ultimately the mouths) of the buying public.
Some brands get this part so, so wrong (take note Haribo with this stinker for Super Mix in 2011, whilst – as we can see from our top five - some get it very, very right.
And don’t forget, many of the sweeties listed below are available from A Quarter Of right now!
So, without further ado, here is our top five of TV ad triumphs
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We recently ran a poll to find the most nostalgic person off children's television ever.

And the top 10 is... in reverse order...

#10 Derek Griffiths
#9 Valerie Singleton
#8 Floella Benjamin
#7 Noel Edmonds
#6 John Craven
#4= Tony Hart
#4= Johnny Morris
#3 Johnny Ball
#2 John Noakes

And the winner is...
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