Valentines Day Doesn't Have To Be Like This...

Make his or her Valentine's Day special this year by giving them something they'll really love...

Simply pick one of our fab personalised selections, choose your label (we have some special romantic designs for Valentines Day), add your own special message... and you're done.  It really couldn't be simpler.

It's so much better than giving an overpriced card... it'll be brownie points agogo for you!

Visit our Valentines Day Gifts section now.

After all it's as true today as it ever was that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach".  And many a girl has a sweet tooth too!

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Whether you’re reliving your childhood by choosing your favourite retro sweets or you’ve decided to introduce younger generations to old fashioned sweets, A Quarter Of has everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

From Flying Saucers, Drumstick lollies and Space Dust through to Aniseed Balls, Cinder Toffee and Sherbet Pips, every memory of your youth is here for you to rediscover. Traditional sweets can be delivered as fast as the next day direct to your doorstep to either share with friends and family or to keep all to yourself as a special treat.

Whilst you may be too old for pocket money now, you’re never too old to enjoy the flavours and sensations of sweets from years gone by; sweet or sour, chewy or crunchy they will be sent to you picked and wrapped with love. You’ll even be able to enjoy the excitement of opening up the contents as everything comes packed in those little white bags which used to make the trip to the sweet shop even more enticing.

Fill your basket with all your favourites today and treat yourself to a few you’ve never tried before; you’ll be back playing football on the field or making a den in the woods in your mind in no time once you receive your treasure trove of sugary delights.
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Addictive, "Bet These Take You Back" 80s Ads You Must Watch Again
It's funny how old adverts are probably even more nostalgia inducing than the televsion programmes that they surrounded.

Maybe it's the repetition... seeing the same ad repeatedly anchors it into your mind.  I bet that's it!

Anyway... beware... because the list that I've compiled below is incredibly addictive.

Especially the ads with the jingles... be warned.
Classic TV Adverts of the 1970s

I was wracking my brains trying to think what would be fun to write about in the pre-Christmas rush... and I decided to go for 100% nostalgia.

I bet these bring back some memories (and if you're too young to remember them then I'll have some newer ads later this week.

They don't make them like this anymore...
Back in 2003, in the early days of, things went well.  

Far too well.  

It was a truly horrible time.

Read more to find out why...
Where Will It End?

Back in the day I was one of those little boys who owned a Sinclair Spectrum. 

As one of the early adopters of one of these dead flesh keyboard beauts so it was only a 16k entry level machine.  My brother later bought a "super powerful" 48k Spectrum (that's about a billionth of the capacity of your average phone these days). 

From then on I was forever envious at the quality of the games that he could play on his computer (because of its much larger memory) compared to the much more basic efforts that I could play on mine.  (but even then I marvel now at quite how the programmers in the 1980s were able to cram such a lot into such a tiny memory space).
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